Why some polls show a dead heat for a generic ballot

Rasmussen’s Mark Mitchell reports that last July, Republicans had a 13-point lead over Democrats on a generic ballot.  Today, they don't.

The initial reading certainly makes sense given the horrific damage the Biden regime has done to this country.  

The Afghanistan withdrawal was perhaps the most serious foreign policy mistake in U.S. history.  It left the Taliban billions of dollars of state-of-the-art military equipment and the Bagram air base which is in spitting distance from China.  

Joe Biden's ill-conceived spending kicked off the inflation that is currently sullying the lives of millions of Americans.  

Drunk with power, Biden gleefully imposed mask and vaccine mandates on millions of  Americans – law enforcement, military, federal employees, etc.  Those who were wisely skeptical and refused the experimental jab lost their jobs.  As it turns out, they were the smart ones; the vaccines were ineffective and have caused countless deaths and vaccine injuries far more devastating than COVID.  The mortality rate among young people is up by forty percent.

Biden gleefully put an end to our energy independence that President Trump had won.  He cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada and ended drilling on most federal lands. He has drained our strategic oil reserves at a most inopportune time.  

This can only be a purposeful plan to destroy America as founded.  The Marxist/globalists are having their way with us all.  They are determined to subjugate Western civilization to their totalitarian will.  Naturally, the radicalized American left is on board with this scheme.  They think they’ve won because so many Americans submitted to their pandemic hype, the economy-destroying lockdowns, the shuttering of schools and small businesses while the corporate mega-businesses were allowed to prosper.  All part of their plan.

Given the horrific devastation Biden-as-a-tool-of-the globalists has accomplished so far, it is shocking that the Republicans are not fifty points ahead in the polls.  Rasmussen's Mitchell reports that now the preference has faded.

Why aren’t they?  

Because most of the Republicans in Congress are self-interested squishes who are far too comfortable in their D.C. swamp establishment that has made them all wealthy.  As long as they behave and do what the lobbyists tell them to do; as long as they go along to get along with the odious Mitch McConnell and his acolytes – Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski, and every other RINO willing to sell his or her soul for their thirty pieces of silver to betray the American people at every turn.  

And despite the hard and diligent work of the few legitimate representatives, most elected members of the GOP are willing sell-outs.  That is why the Republicans are not winning in the polls by fifty points.  We do not and cannot trust them.  They cave to the left day after day after day.

Why have they not, since the FBI began raiding the homes of every and any person thought to be present in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021? Why have they not stood together to demand that these citizens be given the due process guaranteed by the Constitution?  Why have they not, daily, been screaming from the steps of the Capitol about the left’s promotion of leniency for all manner of criminals?  Murderers, violent gang members, mobs of shoplifters that have destroyed the quality of life in so many cities?  Why are they not on the steps of the Capitol every day bringing attention to Biden’s open border that has allowed nearly five million unvetted migrants into the country to be bussed and flown in the dark of night to unsuspecting cities throughout the country?  Over three-hundred thousand of them are unaccompanied children who most certainly are being sex-trafficked by the cartels who got them here. These immigrants, once here, are given phones, money, shelter, all at taxpayer expense.  

The American people, meanwhile, are being robbed blind, bankrupted, and indebted to the point of no return.  The U.S. is being systematically dissolved demographically.  Our left assumed that once the migrants are given the vote, they will vote Democrat; they will likely be paid by some Soros-funded group to register and vote Democrat.  

And sadly, Democrat now means Marxist/communist.  There is no longer any doubt about that.  How else can one explain the Biden regime’s aggressive support of the ludicrous transgender movement; an example of mass psychosis if there ever was one?  The destruction of the family is first and foremost on their agenda. 

A few Republicans rage against the machine but they get no back-up from their colleagues who are too afraid to rock their own boats, or risk their own sense of power over others.  

How many Republicans voted for the absurdly huge spending bills, all of which have been fraught with fraud?  Too many.  They will surely vote for migrants' voting rights and any other “bills” that further erode the Founders’ ideal of what this nation was to be.  The Democrat party as currently constituted, and the majority of the establishment Republicans in Congress are traitors to their constituents, to the American people.  Is it any wonder that, despite the ruination the Biden administration has generated, our weak-willed, traitorous, go-along-to-get-along RINOs do not fill patriots with confidence and hope for their good character? 

Bottom line?  Despite the obvious deficiency of the character of too many Republicans, they must be elected to stave off the globalist/communist left.  

Too many of them are pathetic, but if they find themselves in the majority, they might rise to the occasion and develop a spine along with a renewed reverence for our Constitution.  

As grim as the pickings are, there are perhaps enough of them with the courage of their convictions – Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Marcia Blackburn, Josh Hawley, Elise Stefanik, Thomas Massie, John Kennedy, Chip Roy, Chuck Grassley, Lauren Boebert, Claudia Tenney; there may be more that have not yet made their mark.  

There are many running for office, which, if they win, will be wonderful additions to our cause. They will return the U.S. to its ideal of a constitutional republic.  

The upcoming midterm elections are, as Mark Levin often reminds, the most important since 1862.  Vote Republican on election day.  The preservation of this nation depends upon your vote.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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