Whom are you calling an enemy of America?

Does Joe Biden have any idea whom he's calling an enemy of democracy, or does his blatant desire for political power have no regard to differing views?  Are they nothing more than "innocent flowers" to be trampled on the path to his vision of utopia in the United States?  

It is probably a combination of both, but the damage to the country is the same. 

In Bend, Oregon last week, two members of our family experienced a loss for which there is no mitigation.  Our cousin Jackie is now a widow, and her husband Don is dead because he chose to save lives at the risk to himself when almost finished with his shift at Safeway.  Donald Ray Surrett, Jr. attacked a 20-year-old shooter who had already killed one person and injured another.  Don was unarmed and 66 years old, but all that did not matter.  What mattered was saving lives.  This action was a reflection of Don's history, his character, and the way he and Jackie lived their lives. 

We had no difficulty understanding his motivation based on his character.  He paid the ultimate price.

Don and Jackie were ordinary people, kind, considerate, and content with their lives in a small Oregon community.  They had a deep belief in the principles of freedom and commitment to their community cemented by their shared Christian faith.  

They met 15 or so years ago in a hospital setting in Portland.  Jackie accompanied a friend whose daughter was suffering from a rare blood disorder, and Don showed up as part of a group to help those in need.  They felt a common bond of love for humanity; they married; they lived quiet lives with meager resources; and now a 20-year-old nut-job destroyed all of that. 

Jackie only has to look at the news to see what Biden felt about them — they did not vote for him, would not vote for him, and were pro-life.  Because of that, Biden has labeled them semi-fascists, racists, enemies of democracy, etc. 

Don had a longtime military background, contributed to his community without compensation, and felt pride at being part of the U.S. experience.  All of that is gone because the rage of an individual who quite possibly was influenced by the rhetoric Biden and his like spill every day.  Jackie, who is disabled, has lost her support system.  She is essentially wheelchair-bound and is dealing with serious medical issues.  Jackie no longer has her companion and caregiver in the true sense of the phrase.

I suspect that Biden will use the Bend incident to attack the Second Amendment without any concern for who is the real soul of America.

Don and Jackie are the people Biden defames every day, and especially in his "unity" speech Thursday night, surrounded by a red background reminiscent of 1930s Germany accompanied by two military personnel.  

If Biden is looking for an enemy of democracy, I suggest he look in the mirror.

Thomas F. Cargill is a research fellow at the Independent Institute and professor emeritus of economics in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Image: Public Domain.

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