Where are the 'right-wing extremists'?

Who on the right is not disgusted by government and its bizarre excesses, its needless shortages, its unnecessary inflation, and its metastatic corruption?  While that disgust is certainly no excuse for kidnapping or any other crime, where is the alleged army of "right-wing extremists" that ostensibly threatens America?

If you listen to the left, parents of public school students are right-wing extremists because they don't want their children to learn perverse sex, drag queenery, masturbation, pedophilia, and an America Sucks ideology.  Parents don't want their children to be taught to hate people with a different skin color.  Does that make the parents extremists?  Apparently: Parents have been labeled by the National School Boards Association as domestic terrorists, although the NSBA later apologized for the terminology.

Merrick Garland seconded the motion to label parents as domestic terrorists by threatening to set his DoJ dogs on parents who object to what their kids are being taught in public schools.  So I guess that parents who actually get involved in their children's education by showing up to protest are now threats to our democracy.

In the events of Jan. 6, one person died as a direct result of the riot.  More people are killed in Chicago every weekend than those who died as a result of Jan. 6's "deadly insurrection.  In 2021 and 2022 combined, there have been more than twelve hundred murders in Chicago compared with one Capitol death on January 6.  Where are the calls to crack down on the left-wing extremists who run Chicago and on those who commit the crimes?

The FBI has set up "watch lists" for right-wing extremist groups, but in actuality, their "domestic terror" list is composed of left-wingers.  The 2020 left-wing George Floyd riots, occupations, arsons, property destruction, and police deaths as a result of the George Floyd insurrection were responsible for nineteen dead people as of April of 2022.  Most who died were black, including black cops.  These riots were not caused by right-wing extremists.

The looting of high-end items from broken plate glass storefront windows during these riots did not reveal many white faces, which strongly indicates no "right-wing extremism" of the kind the left loves to lie about.

A left-wing extremist attempted to assassinate Republican congressman Steve Scalise and three others a few years back.  Before opening fire, witnesses told investigators that when the gunman arrived at the ballfield, he asked, "Are these the Republicans or the Democrats?"

Left-wing extremist group Antifa showed up armed to the teeth to protect some drag queens at a brunch in Texas just a few days ago.  What side is the extremism on?

It is the Squad, the Teachers' Unions, Hollywood, the Pelosi-Schumer-Sanders triple-axis, the WEF, E.U., and WHO, the climate hysterics, the media, the Twitter/Amazon/Disney/Facebook censors, the proponents of CRT, ESG, SEL, and DEI, and finally, Susan Rice and the Obamas (who have been very active despite their ill disguised attempts at silent running), who have taken this country to the brink of the inferno.  It is not right-wing extremists.

Until the left is willing to address its own nihilistic extremism, it can run its hysterical accusations up the electoral flagpole this November and see who America believes are the real extremists.

Image: Lorie Shaull.

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