When even the hard rock community takes notice

Shinedown is a hard rock band from Jacksonville, Florida.  They were recently ranked #1 Mainstream Rock Artist by Billboard magazine with 18 number-one singles and over 10 million records sold since their inception in 2001.

They fearlessly take on the political establishment with their latest release, Planet Zero, featuring a not so subtly themed concept targeting the authoritarian cancel culture surrounding COVID-19. 

"Speak up or they will bleed your courage dry," rages vocalist Brent Smith on the riveting opening track, "No Sleep Tonight."  And with that, the powers that be and their totalitarian designs are mercilessly pummeled throughout the 48-minute recording ripe with '80s-inspired dystopian interludes and call-to-action hard rock anthems.  In particular, references to the myriad of tyrannical and oppressive measures surrounding COVID-19 come fast and furious...

They want you to conform, but it's not in your nature
So they provide the illness that infects your behavior

—"Clueless And Dramatic"  

This is what you get for breakin' protocol
Oh, wait, that's not a thing 'cause I don't trust you all

—"Army of the Underappreciated"

So get your hands up before the boat sinks
'Cause this ain't one for all, yeah, this is groupthink 

—"The Saints of Violence and Innuendo"  

You don't care who you ruin
Just keep the fantasy movin'
It's a hell of a show

—"What You Wanted"                 

Critical Race Theory and subsidized riots are also brilliantly exposed on the stomp-rocker "America's Burning."

Your theory might be critical but who's in charge?
If victimhood is currency, then you won't starve...
Who doesn't love a parade with gasoline and grenades?
Don't be afraid, it's just America burning 

Fortunately, a desire for transparency and an empowered humanity ultimately prevails underneath it all...

We've had enough of being powerless 
We've heard it all and no, we're not impressed
We are the nightmare that you brought to life
So don't turn off the lights
There'll be no sleep tonight

If truth is a friend to the loyal citizen, then Shinedown's latest is worth more than a preview...

Give it a listen!

Image: Shinedown.

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