What's behind the leftist urge to censor?

Ideas matter. Freedom matters. Communication matters. Tolerance matters. Scrutiny matters. History matters. Truth matters. Those are the values promoted by free speech, free assembly and free expression; the ones that made America a haven for intellectual freedom. 
Those who argue for censorship — whether it be to protect institutional authority, quell resistance to tyrannical policies or simply to avoid triggering the politically unhinged — do so because they fear the compelling nature of the adversarial point of view. Bad ideas can be discredited with good information and sound logic. Therefore, they need insulation from that which can dismantle them. Good ideas need no such protection. In the absence of censorship and deceit, they routinely prevail in the arena of debate.
Ask yourself the following: Have you noticed either the mainstream media or government officials waving red flags over the inevitable consequences that will result from millions of illegal aliens flooding our southern border?  Have you heard either of them sound the alarm that our children are at a greater risk of serious illness and death from the COVID vaccine than the virus itself? 
If not, it is because those once-trusted entities have become so politicized and partisan that they will not allow anything — including the truth — to harm the narrative they so desperately seek to advance. When dealing with inconvenient realities, they seem to have two choices only: to censor or ignore.
The value of truth is in freefall. Words and concepts are being obscured into meaninglessness. Objective analysis has given way to a tunnel-vision focus on validation for preconceptions or, even worse, systematic deception designed to centralize power and control. Basic understandings are twisted and contorted into a new math where fantasy + indoctrination = the inability to critically think.
Human + womb = woman, has long been considered self-evident. XX chromosome = female and XY chromosome = man is a universally acknowledged biological fact. Yet, thanks to an all-out assault on reason and a woke commitment to indulge fantasy over truth, one can nowadays be banished from polite society for the sin of confusing females with women.
We are so often deceived by media, government, academia and polite society, is it really unreasonable to question what we are told about things like mandatory injections, border protection, inflation reduction, climate change, FBI integrity, the threat of domestic terrorism or the validity of election results? Without an expectation of objectivity, how can information be trusted?
It was only a short time back when Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci and the rest of the Pfizer sales staff told us that the COVID injection was a vaccine. Consistent with our understanding of the word, they publicly declared the vaccine would provide immunity from the virus as well as stop the spread.
It did neither.
If that wasn’t bad enough, we now know measures such as lockdowns and school closings resulted in devastating effects with no detectable benefits. COVID also provided the pretense for trillions in government spending, fueling the rampant inflation that plagues us today.
So how did the COVID corps deal with the reality that the policies they advocated created so much damage? No one has resigned, apologized or asked the priest how many Hail Marys would be necessary to even the slate. Biden has both proclaimed the pandemic over but also used it justify his transfer of student debt to taxpayers. Fauci wants more shots.
The whole COVID ordeal was conducted like a deranged version of Simon Says. Simon says wear a mask. Simon says stay at home. Simon says social distance. Simon says put up plastic partitions. Simon says mom and pop close their business. Simon says take a shot. Simon says can’t go to school without a shot. Simon says can’t travel without a shot. Simon says can’t work without a shot. 
As it turns out, the Simon Says game was never about public health. It was always about whether free-thinking individuals could be herded like human livestock. Authoritarians want to know if once-sovereign Americans will now cede their Constitutional liberties to assemble or practice religion on command.
California’s Gavin Newsom, not to be outdone as a shameless political toady, moved to criminalize speech that points out the dangers of the COVID vaccine or objections to any part of state policy regarding it. More and more, we are being required to play pretend whenever our overlords deem it self-serving. The people are asked to deny the verdicts of their minds and accept ruling class delusions. Hopefully, Biden will be out of office before we go full naked emperor.
The school system has aided in the demise of both truth and liberty in America. They have fortified attacks on free speech in the name of hate speech, justified cancelling conservative speakers, downplayed the need for objectivity, and treating politics as not a clash of competing philosophies but rather a battle of good against evil, where the ends justify the means and official lies carry more weight than undeniable truth.
Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License
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