What was the message of Jill Biden’s hideous attire in Pakistan?

I consider Jill Biden an easy target. I dislike her politics. I dislike her Edith Wilson approach to the presidency, which sees her trying to handle things her husband is manifestly incapable of doing himself. And I dislike her ridiculous doctorate (and I know it’s ridiculous because I struggled through parts of her thesis, which demonstrated a 9th-10th grade level of knowledge and work). I’ve tried not to comment on her looks, though, because that always seems like a low blow. However, when the First Lady of the United States shows up in Pakistan wearing a shiny black dress that shows every bulge and...well, other stuff, that demands comment.

Over the years, we’ve come to expect a certain level of style from women at the highest echelon of politics. It can be boring (Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush), chic (Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan), or tone deaf (Michelle Obama). But sleazy is something new, and that one is all on Jill Biden.

Jill’s made a lot of fashion mistakes. There was the time she showed up wearing fishnet stockings and a flirty, 80s-style skirt. It was pure “mutton dressed as lamb” and looked low rent:

Then there’s her unfortunate predilection for mismatched or busy florals:

Then there was this effort, for which there simply are no words:

All those are bad, unflattering, and tasteless. But it was with her dress when traveling in Pakistan that Jill hit rock bottom:

O.M.G. That is so unbelievably unflattering. And sleazy. It’s very sleazy. Some wondered whether she was copying Trinity from The Matrix. Nope. Trinity looked tough, sleek, and sinister:

Others thought that, maybe, Jill was going for the Hefty trash bag look:

Whatever Jill was thinking, she was not thinking of dignity or beauty. Then, at the funeral (to which the Bidens arrived late), Jill wore a fussy little black party hat:

It's bad enough that we have a senile president. Must we also have a first lady who shows up at everything dressed badly, like a woman desperately seeking her lost youth?

Image: Jill Biden’s little black dress. Twitter screen grab.

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