Tucker Carlson warns that Biden is actively criminalizing political opposition

When I started watching Tucker Carlson, one of the things that made him enjoyable was that he always kept a little bit of an ironic distance from what he was covering.  In recent months, though, that has changed.  Tucker's angry, and righteously so.  Monday night's monologue may have been his most fiery yet, because he focused on something we've all seen from the moment Biden swore an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States": as all totalitarian regimes do, Biden is using the instruments of government to persecute his political opponents.

We saw it when Biden and his armed bureaucrats characterized a large protest and an accompanying small riot at the United States Capitol (especially compared to past Democrat and BLM riots) as an "insurrection."

We saw it when they imprisoned those people who had entered the Capitol (many under the impression that they were allowed to be there) and proceeded to hold them without bail, charges, or trial.  When Democrats engaged in violent protests across America from January 2016 forward, Biden and his cohorts characterized those protests as "mostly peaceful" and righteous First Amendment actions aimed at challenging a fake president.  Remember "The Resistance"?

We saw it when the same administration that's copacetic about drug-, sex-, and child-trafficking across a completely open border engaged in an all-out nationwide manhunt to track down every granny who wandered awestruck through the Capitol rotunda taking photos.

Image: Tucker takes aim at Biden's tyranny.  Fox News screen grab.

We saw it when Democrat politicians had a January 6 show trial in the Capitol.

We certainly saw it when Biden's FBI (for it certainly is no longer America's FBI) raided the home of Biden's probable presidential challenger in 2024 (that would be Trump) to seize documents that bureaucrats labeled as "classified" despite Trump, who had the sole plenary power to do so, declassifying them.

We saw it when Biden stood before a blood-red Independence Hall and characterized half the voters in America as dangerous threats to America's very existence.

We saw it yesterday, when Democrats either ignored the twenty-first anniversary of 9/11, when Muslim terrorists hijacked three four airplanes, destroyed the Twin Towers, and killed 2,977 people (including the ones murdered in the Pentagon), or, even worse than ignoring it, they compared the January 6 kerfuffle to 9/11 in terms of both effect and intention.  As a reminder, only one person was killed on January 6: Ashli Babbitt, a small, unarmed, nonviolent veteran, whom a police officer murdered, after which he was lauded as a sympathetic figure and something of a hero.

And we're seeing it now as the DOJ and the FBI distribute subpoenas to every politician or activist outside Congress who dared question the bona fides of the November 2020 election.  According to the Democrats, questioning the election is a semi-fascist, anti-democracy, insurrectionist thing to do.  Before 2020, of course, when Democrats did it, it was patriots exercising their First Amendment rights.  According to constitutionalists, using the police state to intimidate and harass one's political opposition is the real semi-fascist, anti-democracy thing to do.

Tucker Carlson has seen all this, too, and he understands what it means: it means that the Biden administration is unconstitutionally and illegally using the police power he gained when he entered the Oval Office to silence and intimidate his political opposition.  In that regard, my bet with myself is that the (In)Justice Department will be indicting Trump before September ends.  The base wants it, and the base shall have it.

Watch Tucker's monologue (or read it here), and, as Elmer Fudd would say, "Be afwaid.  Be vewy afwaid."  Also, if your representatives are Republicans or just decent, contact them and politely remind them that, under the Constitution's separation of powers, Congress is meant to be a bulwark against a dangerously overreaching Executive Branch.

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