Trump or DeSantis? Why not both?

Jack Cashill, in his Thursday AT piece, "Can the GOP Accommodate Two Rock Stars?" seemed to be taken with DeSantis's use of "we," whereas Trump uses "I," as did Obama.

But DeSantis's choice of "we" works fine without weighing in a political calculation.  Trump's virtuosity is his command of a bigger-than-life "I" personality that can accomplish big things.  Sure, Obama used "I."  He used it as would an imaginary sculptor recounting his agony and ecstasy as he carved the marble statue of himself for the Louvre. 

At some point, Gov. DeSantis will commit or not.  I love Ron DeSantis.  I'll vote for him.  As of now, I would prefer the "we" to be a Trump/DeSantis duo because it would lengthen the MAGA approach to governance to probably twelve years or more. [Update: The Constitution requires the presidnt and vice president be residents of different states, so this is highly impractical. - Thomas Lifson, editor]

This past week, Sean Hannity talked about meeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago for his upcoming interview.  Hannity observed that all the forces arrayed against Trump never seem to distract him.

I've heard Trump explain the difference between what he does as a very high-level entrepreneur compared to what high-level CEOs do.  High-level entrepreneurs have a supra-capacity to handle enormous pressure.  The obviously talented DeSantis would benefit from Trump's Oval Office experience to navigate the historic treachery from the radical left that will only get more diabolically irrational.  I don't think we've seen a fraction of the leftist derangement that will come whether the GOP regains control of the Legislative Branch or not.  The North Dakota driver running down an imagined extremist Republican could become both a template and a precursor.

Gov. Ron DeSantis shattered the elites' virtue with the Martha's Vineyard ploy.  It was delectable, but busing illegal aliens to blue states was originally Texas governor Greg Abbott's idea.  DeSantis took it to another level.  Is DeSantis as creative and clever as he seems to be?  I hope so, but DeSantis's life has not been bombed the way Trump's has.

The way I believe voters are beginning to frame their choice for the "who can save America" presidential candidate boils down to whether candidate Trump or  candidate DeSantis is the indispensable choice to overcome the Deep State and the absolutely massive cheating to come.

I do not think Trump is in any way a loose cannon problem that a "tempering" DeSantis would solve.  To allow the media to be arbiters of what is cringe-worthy is old-school fretting that will not be helpful next time around.  Donald Trump understands the battlefield as no one else.  He would help mature DeSantis to be an even greater force for his own eight years.  I think having both in the White House at the same time is the indispensable choice. 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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