Trump had to tweet to offset the misinformation that was spread about him every day

Most media outlets, other Democrats, and some Republicans complained continuously about President Trump's tweets. 
Was Trump supposed to shut up no matter how many lies the media and other Democrats told about him as they sought to destroy him and called him an illegitimate president? 
Kathleen Parker, an opinion columnist at the Washington Post, claims that Trump's tweets were "harmful."
She clearly didn't care how successful Trump's policies were on the economy, energy independence, keeping Russia from attacking its neighbors, securing the border, stifling Iran, and achieving peace in the Middle East.
She is clearly confused as to who causes great harm in the United States and throughout the world. 
Speaking of "harmful," here is a small sample of things that the media and other Democrats have done over the years that have greatly harmed the country:
President Obama and his political allies continually lied to infect the public with Obamacare, which made health care prices skyrocket by reducing competition.
Obama used the IRS to target political opponents. 
Obama and Hillary left Americans to die in Libya while concocting a lie to protect their political power.
Obama dictatorially ordered the Justice Department to let Hezb'allah, who are terrorist criminals, to be above the law so he could appease Iran that pledges to destroy America
Obama refused to arm Ukraine when they were attacked by Russia to appease Putin.
Obama Politicized the FBI to target Trump while letting career criminal Hillary be above the law. 
Obama and his allies spread the "hands up, don't shoot" lie to incite violence and racial hate, especially against cops. 
Hillary Clinton and her allies, probably including Obama, spread the lie about Trump and Russia collusion with zero evidence, to destroy Trump in the eyes of the public.
Should Trump have stayed quiet? It was an intentional hoax. 
Democrats spread lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate. The media and other Democrats always play the race card.  Trump repeatedly denounced white supremacists but the media and other Democrats buried the truth.
Democrats, including the WaPo, spread lies about Trump's Supreme Court pick during his confirmation hearings, trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with zero evidence. 
Democrats showed pictures of kids in cages at the border that were from the Obama-Biden era and blamed Trump. Should Trump have stayed quiet when the media blatantly lied to mislead the public?
It stands in stark contrast to their other activities, not just the disinformation cited above, but the distortions and omissions often associated with Trump's policies.
The media repeatedly lied that Trump's tax rate cuts cost trillions when the truth was that government revenues went up substantially while the economy boomed. 
The media and other Democrats destroyed energy industries that produce reliable and affordable energy based on easily manipulated computer models regarding global warming and made up predictions instead of scientific facts. This has caused supply shortages and made energy prices surge. 
Democrats also passed big slush fund bills to buy votes which contributed greatly to inflation. 
Democrats kept schools and businesses closed during the pandemic. 
Democrats impeached Trump for asking to investigate Biden family corruption. It would have been a dereliction of duty to not investigate. The media and other Democrats clearly don't care about massive corruption, nor the politicized Justice Department. 
When election officials violated their election laws in 2020, the media and other Democrats yawned or denied a problem. They clearly don't care about the rule of law. 
When the Biden administration refuses to abide by their oath of office to enforce immigration laws, they go silent. 
Democrat DAs who let career criminals roam the streets and terrorize the public, and no bail laws merit similar silence. 
Democrats teaching children that the U.S and whites are racist and that other races are oppressed merits crickets, if not disinformation about Trump voters who oppose it. 
Democrats forcing girls involved in sports to compete against males and to share locker rooms with people with a penis. I thought the media and other Democrats cared about girls' rights and privacy.
Democrats supported the withholding of health care from children born in botched abortions. Why would we trust them with our healthcare decisions when they won't care for the most vulnerable? 
Democrats and their media allies supported politicians who called those who disagreed with them, 'racists,' 'xenophobes,' 'domestic terrorists,' 'fascists,'  and 'deplorables' while at the same time they claimed that Trump was 'divisive.' 
When the media was so intent on electing Biden from his non-campaigning basement, they buried the truthful stories about Biden family corruption. No matter how much information is discovered about how involved Joe is, the media and other Democrats just don't care. 
And because of the complicit media we have a completely incompetent and corrupt president who is intentionally destroying the country with endless dictatorial executive orders. 
Trump tried to transfer power, freedom and money back to the people as fast as possible and the dishonest media called Trump 'authoritarian.'
Biden and the Democrats want to transfer as much power and money to the government as fast as possible and the sycophant media pretends that is how democracy works and is not an authoritarian power grab, to intentionally mislead the public. 
But Trump's tweets were supposedly harmful!
Thank goodness we have people like Trump, and Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis who fight back against the cabal instead of act as wimps in the face of Joe Biden, his lies, his Democrats, and the pretend-media that supports them so they are able to destroy Republicans in general, and, in fact, the United States. 
Image: PXHere / CC0 public domain
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