Transgender madness is spreading fast — and there's an Irish connection

For a long time, Ireland struck many leftists as a cultural backwater.  Ignoring the wonders of Guinness and Irish, Ireland's Catholic values meant abortion was illegal until 2019.  Having crossed that moral barrier, though, it's been full speed ahead for Ireland when it comes to transgenderism.  Two Irish people, on opposite ends of the issue, highlight the dire direction in which Ireland and the rest of the world are heading.

Sidhbh Gallagher, who specializes in so-called "gender reassignment" surgery, got her medical degree at University College in Dublin and now practices in Miami.  She came to conservatives' attention when Robby Starbuck put up a video compilation showing Gallagher using TikTok to get people — young people — to come to her practice to have their healthy bodies sliced, diced, and restitched into some weird simulacrum of an opposite-sex body.  She is a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, madly creating deformed monsters:

Lily Maynard, who writes for those who "don't believe in the gender fairy," helpfully profiled Gallagher months ago.  After teaching her Dr. Frankenstein skills to students at Indiana University for five years, Gallagher shifted her practice to Miami, where she runs Gallagher Plastic Surgery.  There, she boasts about her "artistic flair" and "cutting-edge techniques," skills she's brought to around 1,000 patients.  This is what she does to them:

Her practice specialises in performing elective double mastectomies on gender dysphoric young women at a cost of around $9–12,000. 'Top surgery' is her signature dish, but there are plenty of other strings to Gallagher's bow- and she offers something for the lads as well.

If you wish, she can remove your testicles (Orchiectomy) so skillfully that you can go back to work the next day. She can get rid of the scrotal skin too, but only if you are really sure you don't want it made into a vagina at some point in the future. In that case, hang on to it.  'Dimple Vaginoplasty' sounds almost like the name of a 1960s doll, but it is a procedure that creates the impression of a vagina 'without depth'. It's a 'shorter and less dangerous' surgery. Penile inversion vaginoplasty turns your knob outside in, basically. The patient must be prepared to look after the result (by dilation) for the rest of his life. It is 'important to be at a place in your life where you can cope if complications happen'. After bottom surgery the patient may want labiaplasty to remove 'annoying scars or lumps'. She can fix other surgeons' cock ups too, including loss or lack of vaginal depth, scar tissue, lumps and bumps or too large a clitoris.

Gallagher isn't just a money-making juggernaut, she's an activist.  In 2019, Gallagher and a group called "This Is Me" met with Simon Harris, Ireland's minister for health, and representatives from Ireland's Health Service Executive (i.e., socialized medicine organization) and Department of Health to push so-called "transgenderism" into the Irish system.  Gallagher's advocacy fell on fertile ground, for Ireland's getting woke.

Indeed, it's so woke that Enoch Burke, a teacher in Westmeath, Ireland, was suspended from his job and, per court order, kicked off school grounds for refusing to call a so-called "transgender" student "they" — a demand that is an offense against grammar, science, and morals.  When Burke nevertheless entered onto school grounds, he was sent to prison until he forswears his beliefs or the court forgives him.  Burke, so far, is unbowed:

The teacher remained defiant in the face of jail time, telling the judge that it is "insanity" that he would be led out of the courtroom and taken to prison for refusing to give up his Christian beliefs.

"I love my school, with its motto Res Non Verba, 'Actions not words,' but I am here today because I said I would not call a boy a girl," Burke told the court.


"I am a teacher and I don't want to go to prison," Burke told the court. "I want to be in my classroom today, that's where I was this morning when I was arrested."

He added: "Transgenderism is against my Christian belief. It is contrary to the scriptures, contrary to the ethos of the Church of Ireland and of my school."

Here's the important takeaway about gender madness: the myth of transgenderism, by separating a child's mind from his body, which denies him agency over his body, is the most extreme method of cultic mind control imaginable.  A society that can break family bonds and decouple people from their own natural identity is a society set for complete tyrannical control.  Ireland held out for years, but, having given in, it's speeding down the primrose path, not in the thrall of good intentions, but in thrall to totalitarian cultism.

Image: Sidhbh Gallagher and her AOC eyes.  Twitter screen grab.

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