TikTok now a marketing tool to coax children into the 'trans' abattoirs

Just a few days back, I wrote a piece on Chloe Cole, a teenage girl who suffered under "gender affirming healthcare" — at age 15, a surgeon performed a double-mastectomy on her, stripping her of a naturally feminine and youthful body.  She addressed the reality of "destransitioning" back to her God-given sex, detailing the tremendous pain of moving forward after life-altering surgery, which she deeply regretted.  Cole expressed what she needed was true "do no harm" care, but what she got was politicized exploitation.

In Cole's words:

I spent a lot of time online and quickly saw all the praise coming out as trans got on instagram and other social media. I was a bit awkward in school and had some trouble making friends. Like many dysphoric children, I also suffer from a variety of mental health conditions, so I easily fell prey [emphasis added] to the narrative that if I felt different, and did not want to be a highly sexualized girl, that I must be a boy.

I obsessed over becoming a boy. ... The mental health professionals did not try to dissuade me of this delusional belief. I was fast-tracked into medical transition after I was diagnosed with dysphoria. ... This wasn’t a misdiagnosis, it was mistreatment [emphasis added].

Cole's parents were told there were two options: transition or suicide — that's how low the medical community has degraded.  Listening to her testimony shattered my heart — picturing her as a precious 12-year-old child needing emotional security and being exposed to demonic agendas through social media.  Some days, the sadness of living in a fallen world can feel unbearable.

Then I came across a widely publicized story regarding a surgeon based in Miami.  Sidhbh Gallagher is a "transgender" specialist and performs both "top" and "bottom" surgeries.  However, beyond the egregious nature of the operations in general, she uses TikTok to reel in susceptible children like Cole.

The unknown child in the photo above smiles and shows her chest, marred with barbaric wounds and stitched together like Frankenstein's monster — and I'm not sure what else could possibly be more heartbreaking.

Prominent conservative influencer Robby Starbuck also shared the video below, showing Gallagher engage in the same type of predatory social media content that initially snared Cole.

The agenda to mangle our youth is brazenly promoted, and particularly on social media.  Children are to be cherished and protected, an idea jettisoned with the rejection of Judeo-Christian tenets.  Allowing for this madness is inviting wrath, and honestly, it's completely warranted at this point.

Image: Twitter video screen grab from @LandonStarbuck.

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