The geese of Martha's Vineyard have to live with their gander policies

Is it "cruel" to send illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard, as press secretary Karine Jeanne-Pierre says?  Was it also cruel when the Biden administration sent illegals from the border to red states?

What is the difference in the level of cruelty between liberals sending their illegals to red states and conservatives sending theirs to blue states and cities, or is it cruel only when conservatives do it?  Liberals are on board for virtue-signaling diversity (and the crime) that comes of illegal immigration so long as it is NIMBY.  Does cruelty accrue only when Democrats are hurt?  "If you prick us [conservatives], do we not bleed?  If you tickle us, do we not laugh?  If you poison us, do we not die?  And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?" (Act III, scene I , Merchant of Venice).  A little Shakespearean realism is in order here.

How did the geese of Democrat enclaves such as Martha's Vineyard conclude that they must be immune to their own policies?  Perhaps it is because we have a two-tier law-making process?  Democrats vote for policies that only conservatives must honor.  To make a list of Democrat hypocrisies would take too much space and is generally futile in getting their attention, so suffice it to say that the squealing sound you hear is that of upbraided liberals having to acknowledge that their own policies not only don't work, but can be turned back on them.  The satisfied chuckling you hear is that of myriad conservatives finally getting to watch liberals realize that they cannot slap a woman and then cry, "I was drunk."

The NIMBY phenomenon has finally struck on the port side of our politics: Democrats are faced with blackouts in California because of their own ridiculous energy policies.  San Francisco is seeing huge increases in violent crime, and suddenly the geese are seeing that liberal policies alone account for this.  After decades of decline, affected blue cities are reaching critical mass — enough so that those who live in these places are seeing why it's happening: liberalism.

Several businesses are failing or going broke because of their woke liberal policies and politics.  Businesses should not fold politics into their products and services, but they felt pressured by the racists (the anti-white, anti-America crowd) to jump aboard the train to Wokestan, and now they are suffering for it.  Bed Bath & Beyond, Starbucks, Netflix, PG&E, Procter & Gamble, CNN, Disney, and other companies are just a few who are either closing up shop or are suffering from their misplaced largesse.  The very people cheerleading this toxic liberalism, especially the virtue-signaling open borders crowd, are now being hurt and are hilariously blaming conservatives, who wouldn't enact such policies if their pancreas was being ripped out.

The clucking sound you hear are chickens coming home, and I expect to hear much more of it as conservatives use liberalism against liberals, then challenge them to give a good reason why the conservatives shouldn't use it as well.  If the policies are good ones, they're good for the geese and the ganders.

There seems to be a burst of conservative courage coming from certain corners of our government recently.  I encourage its continuance because I often enjoy schadenfreude.  Or just plain vindication will do.  We on the right have been wondering for decades how the left can enact these policies and expect no problems from them.  Finally, we get to see them stewing in their own juices, shrieking like scalded cats.

It remains to be seen if the policies causing these rampant problems will be fixed, or will the liberals double down, as is their wont?  They do not seem to learn easily, so it's a crap shoot which it will be.  I call upon all conservative governors to take liberals at their word regarding the benefits of their sanctuary city, so long as the alleged benefits accrue in their sanctuary cities and not in our law-abiding ones.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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