The Democrat left, financial markets, and your life savings

Like many of you, I've seen my retirement assets decline by 20% just since January.  So let me state something that I've been avoiding focusing on myself.  There is no way that a free-market, capitalist financial system (the stock market) can do well under the leftist self-immolating insanity that now governs America.  (California's law forbidding sales of gasoline-powered vehicles — you know, the ones that work and are affordable — perfectly illustrates this trend.)  I'm not a financial adviser and can't give you financial advice, but my common sense tells me we may well be witnessing the early stages of a financial downturn that could dwarf 1929.

Forget "buy the dips."  It's now time to sell the mini-recoveries.  The smart money seems to be doing just that.  Look at a graph of the Nasdaq since December 2022 2021.  I'm not sure where their money is going, but I suspect real estate and hard assets.  High-end artwork, for example, they can sell among themselves, so it likely never goes down.

To risk confusing the hell out of you, please don't buy completely into what I'm selling here.  I could easily be wrong.  After all, the recent coziness between Big Tech and the Democrat left is pure fascism (read about Mussolini's Italy) and could actually work to "protect" certain "favored" segments of the economy.  But maybe not.

Image: Declining stocks by wirestock.

Hedge your bets.  Be smart.  Admit you can't see everything.  The left won't admit that much, which is its Achilles heel.  Central planning or socialism or Marxism — whatever you want to call it but what we now have raining down on us like volcanic ash — is pure hubris in the denouement.  In human affairs, it historically doesn't end well.

We know where central planning got the Soviet Union in the end.  As for the Green New Deal, read about Lysenkoism during Stalin's time — and how many millions died as a result of that faux science/central planning just in agriculture.

If, by some very curious "chance," the Democrat left does not get crushed this coming November, I'm issuing a strong sell signal to myself to get even further out of stocks (and maybe bonds — which with record high inflation are being beaten up as well) and maybe "out of Dodge."

Biden's very curious address to the nation this past week was a wake-up call — to patriotic conservatives.  The America that we knew and loved may be dissolving before our eyes.  Obama's "Transformation" may be hitting its stride.  The financial behemoth that is the Baby-Boomers' retirement assets must leave the left truly salivating.

What awaits us is very hard to discern, but, like something large and monstrous moving out of the mist, one gets a sense that something truly wicked (and very long in its birthing) this way comes.

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