Something is seriously wrong with John Fetterman

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on television.  I'm an ordinary woman who's survived enough of the Earth's revolutions around the sun to know when someone is not well — and in this case, that someone is the Democrats' Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman.  First, the guy is not recovering well from his stroke.  Second, he has a growth on his neck that looks as if it's going to hatch an alien.  Yet this is the best the Democrats can do in Pennsylvania.

For a while, lots of people were focusing on Dr. Oz (AKA Mehmet Oz) and criticizing him as a terrible candidate.  I'm willing to agree that he's not the perfect candidate, but it's foolish under these circumstances to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I watched Dr. Oz on Tucker Carlson last night and thought he handled himself well, and he obviously understands many of the issues that really matter.  Additionally — and this counts — Trump trusts him.

Meanwhile, there's John Fetterman.  Tucker eviscerated Fetterman last week for being a man who lived off his parents for decades and who managed to do what so many Democrat politicians have done over the years, and that is to fail upward.  Tucker described what Fetterman did to Braddock, Pennsylvania (which started him on his path to lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania), and it's tragic.  Under Fetterman's aegis, Braddock went from a failing town to a failed — indeed, destroyed — town:

It's not just Fetterman's bad policies (all of which are as hard left as can be except, surprisingly, when it comes to Israel, which he staunchly supports) that are a problem, though.  If his politics were the only issue, he'd be just another generic politician.  (For Israel-supporters who are worried, Dr. Oz also strongly supports Israel.)

The big issue is that, in May, Fetterman had a serious stroke.  This followed upon years of health problems associated with his previous obesity (to his credit, he lost almost 150 pounds, which is hard to do), as well as his admitted failure to care for his health.

Due to his stroke, Fetterman is often semi-coherent.  There's no way to tell if his problems are limited to a struggle to get words out or if they signal a deeper cognitive problem.  They're bad, though:

In a way, Fetterman is brave to get out there and campaign, but Pennsylvanians would be crazy to trust that he can competently represent them.  And then there's that bump on his neck.  It is a deeply disturbing, seriously weird, totally troublesome, and very wrong bump:

No wonder Fetterman wears a hoodie all the time.  Of course, that lump — which looks as if it's ready to hatch one of the beasties from the movie Alien — could be nothing more than a benign lipoma, but, when combined with Fetterman's other health problems, it's like a big flashing light saying that this is a man who should be taking care of himself rather than sitting in the Senate, guiding government policy for the United States of America.

The Washington Post is trying to force the issue by getting Fetterman to release his medical records — probably hoping that they prove he's cognitively perfect and has nothing more than neck fat — but all the medical records in the world shouldn't be enough to convince voters that Fetterman is up to the rigors of serving in D.C.

Oz is a fairly moderate Republican.  All but the most radical leftists in Pennsylvania will do much better with an intellectually sharp, moderate Republican than they will with a physically, and possibly mentally, compromised man.

Image: John Fetterman (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

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