White House becomes 'irritated' with Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin

So the White House court is...not amused.

According to the Twitter feed of Fox News national reporter Bill Melugin, someone from the White House has let Politico know about the White House's "irritation" at his reporting on the U.S. border mess.

According to Politico, whose cutesy headline was "A Doocy at the Border":

Melugin has helped usher in a new style of coverage of the issue by the network. He is part of a more technologically savvy generation of Fox reporters and producers whose work leans more heavily on on-the-ground reporting augmented by soaring aerial drone footage of migrants crossing the border. The technique gives the story a dramatic visual scale that Fox pundits use to bolster their arguments about the enormity of the problem (Fox has built up its flight team in recent years to incorporate aerial drone footage into the network's coverage.)

Last year, Fox clashed with the Federal Aviation Administration over its use of drones to cover border migration in Texas after claiming the agency temporarily restricted drone use in the area. (The FAA said it first learned of drones being grounded from Fox reports claiming the agency was "trying to keep Fox News from covering what is happening.")

As Melugin has become an increasingly visible figure on the network, his coverage has caught the attention of the White House, which has become increasingly irritated by his reporting.

This is kind of laughable — not on Melugin, but on Politico, which seems to think shoe-leather reporting and persistence, which includes not being daunted by officials attempting to block the news, is some kind of innovation.  I guess it is — to Politico.

Melugin, on the other hand, is an authentic journalist practicing the trade he purports to practice, which is a true breath of fresh air for a public weary at news media outlets serving primarily as mouthpieces for the increasingly inchoate Biden administration.

But if Politico can be laughed at for what it considers "a new style" of journalism, the White House cannot. 

This attack leak comes just as the border crisis is finally hitting home with the public, now that the entire country is watching, mesmerized, as Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Gov. Greg Abbott begin shipping handfuls of illegal border-crossers to wealthy white leftist enclaves such as Martha's Vineyard, and now, Joe Biden's vacay redoubt of Rehoboth Beach, and the leftists, whose hypocrisy has been exposed by it, are screaming.

We know they are screaming because border security has become a top election issue as midterms beckon and Congress is likely to change hands, putting a leash on Joe Biden's runaway spending and lawless open border regime.  Suddenly, this issue has risen to the top of voter concerns.

Now, all of a sudden, a hit piece appears in White House house organ Politico, speaking of the administration's "irritation," as if to put Melugin on notice.  Obviously, they would like him to know that they are watching him.

What's more, there are signs of a coordinated campaign.  All of a sudden, Media Matters, a flaming lapdog of the Democrats, has turned its slime machine onto Melugin, and this came just shortly before the White House put word out about its "irritation."

It's nasty stuff, and very consistent with Joe's full-fascist agenda, the one that demands full fealty from the press to the government.

Every White House has a reporter who serves as a thorn in the side of the incumbent administration — Ronald Reagan had Sam Donaldson, Bill Clinton had Matt Drudge, George W. Bush had Helen Thomas, Barack Obama had Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen, Donald Trump had Jorge Ramos and Maggie Haberman.  Nominally, Joe Biden has Peter Doocy.  But now we learn that the Bidenites have more than one "thorn" — and unlike the other administrations, they've made those reporters into targets, with leaks amounting to an enemies list, with plans to "go after" these reporters who dare question their decisions.

This, in short, is Alexei Navalny territory, the kind of dangerous relationship that Vlad Putin has had with reporters who cross him.  Navalny, before Putin clapped him into prison, ran a blog highlighting the mansions and Rolex watches of the Putin elites, much the same way Bill Melugin chronicles Joe Biden's millions of illegal aliens pouring over our border.  It was news that the regime didn't want you to read.  Putin couldn't stand it.  Neither can Biden.

None of the other U.S. presidents went around leaking to Politico about reporters they don't like, and siccing Media Matters on them.  Only Joe Biden is doing this, and it's pretty ominous for freedom of expression as well as a likely violation of the First Amendment.

It's disgusting, and it's up to a new Congress to put a stop to this fascist strain of Bidenism, which is so enfeebled and brittle that it can't take any criticism whatsoever. 

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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