So the Obamas and the Bidens are just talking 'nostalgia' at the White House?

There are never enough portraits to unveil of President Obama among Democrats, and the latest ones unveiled, the official White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, are just the latest.

 On Wednesday, the public was treated to this, according to Politico:

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden on Wednesday unveiled the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama during a White House ceremony.

The Obamas joined the Bidens in the East Room for the reveal of the portraits, which were acquired and commissioned by the White House Historical Association. Barack Obama’s portrait was painted by Robert McCurdy, and Michelle Obama’s portrait was painted by Sharon Sprung. Both were painted from photographs taken by the respective artists.

“Jill and I have been waiting to host events at the White House for a long time coming out of the pandemic, and it’s fitting that we can do that now by unveiling the portraits of two great friends, two great Americans,” Biden said at the ceremony.

Which is laughable. Pandemic or no pandemic, if the Bidens had wanted the Obamas at the White House, the Bidens would have had the Obamas over at the White House. No Democrat pol has ever let the pandemic get in the way of doing what he wanted to do -- as Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and various other Democrat bigs have demonstrated.

According to CNN:

The Bidens also hosted the Obamas and Robinson for a private lunch at the White House ahead of the East Room event. The conversation was more focused on nostalgia, an official said, rather than a strategy session on midterm elections or pending policies.
Former President Obama has visited the White House since Biden took office, but Wednesday's event marked Michelle Obama's first time back in the building since the Trumps arrived in January 2017.
While former President Obama and President Biden like to play up their relationship in public, there are limits to their friendship, officials have said.
They speak occasionally, but they are not in daily or weekly contact, people familiar with the matter have said.

Which is even more laughable. Nostalgia? Here's what nostalgia is with that pair, according to Fox News, citing a book written by a staffer, Tyler Pager, of the Washington Post, who noted that Obama loathed Biden for his windiness and ego so much he considered kicking him off his ticket for vice president in 2012. Biden in turn, considered Obama arrogant and full of himself. According to the Fox report:

A Washington Post report uncovered juicy details on the jealousy and tension between former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden’s circles on Tuesday, just ahead of Obama’s upcoming visit to D.C. for the unveiling of his official White House portrait.

The report claimed that despite the "bromance" between the two leaders, and the "jovial atmosphere" that seems to accompany their meetings, there is "resentment" between the people in Obama’s and Biden’s camps.


The author stated, "Beneath that jovial atmosphere, however, is long-simmering tension, and even some jealousy, between the circles around Obama and Biden." He then offered some reasons for why this tension exists. "Some Biden loyalists are resentful that Obama didn’t throw his weight behind Biden’s presidential aspirations, complaining that even now Obama’s team does not fully respect Biden," Pager explained.

From the Obama team perspective, they are "frustrated that Biden’s aides regularly boast of how they have avoided the mistakes of the Obama White House, such as failing to sufficiently tout the president’s accomplishments."

Former Trump administration spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnemy, now on a Fox News panel, had a superb summary of just how absurd the claims were:

So now CNN and much of the press would have us think that the pair have gotten together to reminisce about old times.

As if the last time Obama visited the White House, in April or so, wasn't a humiliation for Joe that his ego would let him repeat.

More likely, the meeting is about the midterms, and the Democrats' problem of having a leader who's senile, doddering and incompetent on the economy, a leader so incompetent he's losing the party its black, Latino, Asian, youth and suburban women voter base, as inflation, crime, an open border, the disastrous Afghanistan pullout and other problems take over the economy, and only the most extremist position on abortion up until the day of birth is in the Democrats' offerings. Apparently filling the White House with Obama operatives such as Susan Rice has not been enough. Democrats across the board, including in the Obama camp, know that Joe Biden is a liability and they don't want him to run for president again.

These thing spell instant legacy erasure for Obama, and Obama has got to be letting Joe know it.

 So the Won is calling a sitdown with The Big Guy.

What's more, huge numbers of untold shenanigans against President Trump and the Republicans have got to be on that lunch menu, too. Joe Biden has turned the FBI into his personal KGB with the unprecedented, and directed-by-him raid on Mar-a-Lago. Questions about what will be found by judges to be executive privilege, and how to keep Joe and Obama from political payback as Republicans retake power beginning with the midterms, are bound to be what this is really about. In addition, what President Trump now knows about Obama's role in the forging of the Steele dossier, the other Russia hoaxes, the first and second impeachments, and all the other things they've pulled on President Trump, much of which would not be possible without Obama being the power in the background, have got to be topics for discussion.

To claim that the lunch was just nostalgia is, well, absurd. It will probably come out in the wash as time passes and leaks are leaked. If it does, it won't be a surprise to those of us who've seen this movie before. 

Image: Screen shot from ABC News video, via YouTube

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