Slobbering over third-party 'fact-checkers' is a trait exclusive to Democrats, but why?

In my mid-20s, I became a Believer, and with that, the scales fell from my eyes, and the lens through which I viewed the world became radically different from what I'd always known.  I'd gone to university, so clearly I was intellectually superior, and therefore what else could I be but a chic "progressive"?  But please don't worry — I never voted until I became a conservative.

However, after absorbing the material that accompanies "higher education," I was left almost entirely incapacitated regarding my ability to critically think.  I now knew that abortion was wrong, but I couldn't develop an apologetics argument to defend my position in a secular world.  I now understood that the tremendous sacrifice of the Founding Fathers was not because they were compassionate "liberals," but rather because they held Judeo-Christian principles so dear that they were willing to die for them — but at that time, I couldn't articulate any of my new thoughts.

So I went online, and I stumbled upon American Thinker — a conservative website with prolific output.  Over the summer of 2016, I consumed countless posts (perhaps thousands), all of which became crucial in the development of my critical and political brain.  Understandably, American Thinker and its contributors hold a very special place in my heart.

But yesterday, in response to a piece I'd written on the "porn literacy" programs in Idaho — a piece I subsequently posted to social media — a woman unknown by me ignored the merit and case presented in the blog, and simply sent me a link to some rinky-dink fact-checking website, declaring American Thinker to be a "questionable" source.  The site was so obscure that I was actually surprised she considered it a legitimate defense of her position.  After all, regardless of political views, American Thinker is an established outlet with frequent contributions from high-profile writers.

As seconds ticked on, I went from my initial shock to amusement, and then it hit me: why is the left so obsessed with third-party "fact-checking" bureaus?

Presumably, this woman didn't like the content of my post — she sent a follow-up note from the AP "fact-checker" (which at least has some legitimacy) telling me the information itself was false.  However, none of my facts were out of order, and I hyperlinked everything directly to the "porn literacy" material in question.  But for some reason, instead of utilizing the direct links I provided, she likely hopped on a left-wing search engine to look up American Thinker and called it a day.  She'd done her due diligence, and without missing a beat, she forwarded me the results, and I'm assuming she genuinely believed she'd made a compelling point.  Truly, it was bewildering.

We live in an era of decadence.  Decadence purchased with blood, unbelievable sacrifice, and tremendous sorrow.  And living in decadence, we want for nearly nothing — everything comes so conveniently.

Just as I was when I was incapable of critical thought, so are most Democrats and leftists now.  We see it all the time: they scream "my body, my choice" as they acknowledge that the unborn is distinct from the mother, but then when it comes to the jab, then it's your body, their choice.  Or how about this: the borders are secure, and cartel activity is limited to drug-running, but DeSantis is the real human-trafficker.  The list is truly endless.

Arguing with leftists is like trying to pin down a drop of water, and their arguments are defined by speciousness and fallacy.  So often they truly can't see the irony or hypocrisy.  Simply put, leftist thought is defined by the absence of critical analysis.

When you've been anesthetized into avoiding intelligent thought, thinking becomes a burden.  It's simply easier to remain stagnant than exercise a muscle that's atrophied, ergo, remaining ignorant equates to supreme laziness.

And there we arrive at our answer: ignorance goes hand in hand with apathy, and so it's no surprise that the most ignorant of Americans love an "impartial service" that further removes any impending threat of being forced to think for themselves.

In honor of today, I'll close with a quote by the Apostle of the Constitution:

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Image: Free image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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