Republicans and Democrats team up to undercut South Carolina abortion ban

It’s been several months now since the Supreme Court made its landmark decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, spelling out a clear-cut solution to how the abortion debate is supposed to be resolved in this country. That said, there’s still a great deal of opposition against doing away with it, and there’s an apparent mixed message coming from the capitol of South Carolina

A Democratic minority has begun to fight back against a near-total abortion ban for the state, bringing an unsettled argument back into light. But now it’s apparently become loud enough that five Republicans with the state’s Senate are trying to throw off the controlling party’s hopes to follow the Supreme Court’s decision overturning protections for abortion. It’s about to get even messier as a result.

Because of this opposition, the bill will now have trouble passing without moderating it with exceptions for abortion. So, it is headed back to the House.

This is ridiculous. Apparently, the state effectively abortion banned weeks prior. Now Democrats and their Republican friends want to muddy the bright moral line of protecting all humans equally. As a result, the new bill will have to go back to be “tweaked” in an effort to get it passed again this time with exceptions.

Tom Davis, the ex-chief of staff to former Governor Mark Sanford, recently spoke up on the matter, explaining why he, along with other Republicans, joined the fight.

“The moment we become pregnant, we lose all control over what goes on with our bodies,” he said. “I’m here to tell you I’m not going to let it happen.”

This just sounds completely selfish. You’re going to do away with precious life because you feel it’s a lack of “control”? Now those babies won’t be in “control” of their right to life, merely so that they can be used as bargaining chips in a war over something that our very Supreme Court deemed shouldn’t be happening. I have a feeling this is going to cause unrest in South Carolina in the months ahead, as they continue to bicker about whether life is important or not. Again, a waste of time and effort. All life is important, period. It is the government’s job to protect all people, not parse out who qualifies for protection.

The debate appears to be continuing apace in other states as well. Apparently, Michigan’s Supreme Court has also found itself in disarray over whether or not to make abortion illegal. As a result, it will now turn the matter over to voters this November, where they will decide whether or not the constitution will receive “tweaks” in an effort to protect abortion rights. Modifying a state constitution to make the killing of a certain class of person legal may sound like a victory to pro-abortion advocates out there, but in so doing they would undermine the very laws that protect their lives. And then what happens to those that are simply trying to protect life? They become second-class citizens, criminals violating the civil rights of pregnant women. The battle over personhood impacts us all, even pro-aborts who might feel as though they won if they are successful in changing the constitution.

It’s just disappointing that pro-choice advocates don’t see the value of life, failing to appreciate how pro-abortion efforts dehumanize even themselves. These are the same people that have no trouble firebombing a pro-life abortion clinic, as happened to our CompassCare location in Buffalo. They just choose to be destructive of those with whom they disagree instead of appreciative of life. And it appears that the trend will continue as Democrats (with spineless Republicans) continue to bicker; and voters believe that enshrining the power to kill into the constitution will somehow protect them.

God though the prophet Isaiah warns, “Woe to those who enact evil statutes… so as to deprive the needy of justice and rob the poor of My people of their rights… that they may plunder the orphans. Now what will you do in the day of punishment and in the devastation which will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help? (Is. 10:1-3). The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision on June 24 wasn’t decided on a whim; but as a means to protect precious life, including the lives of pro-aborts. Without that protection, couldn’t we just go after anyone that we don’t want alive?

I’ll stand with the people that want to make a difference in this world with the power of life, thank you.

Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div. is the CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services and lives outside of Rochester, NY with his wife and ten children. Jim pioneered the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement, helping hundreds of centers nationwide become more effective at reaching more women and saving more babies from abortion. He has written extensively on medical ethics, executive leadership, and pro-life strategy.

Image: South Carolina Republian Party

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