Republican voters who refuse to vote hurt everyone else

There has been a creeping meme among some Republican voters indicating that they will refuse to vote because they are fed up with congressional Republicans.  They are telling everyone who will listen how horrible congressional Republicans are and are asking, "Why vote when our representatives do nothing and get nothing done?"

People who advocate not voting are advocating surrender to the leftist mob and surrender to Democrats who have ruined a perfectly good country.  They are recommending surrender to the leftists who are persecuting Republican conservatives.  There is no other way to read this: if you won't vote, you turn the reins of what power you have over to Democrats.

There is no good that can come from Republicans not voting.  The only thing that can come from not voting is certain defeat.  Not voting is an unacceptable response to what ails America.  The people who advocate not voting are the same people saying, essentially, that there is no hope for America under Republican control of Congress and the White House.  That is patently false and, frankly, distasteful. 

More and more, those who advocate not voting for Republicans in November are deliberately attempting to demoralize voters, saying things like, "No matter how I vote, Republicans never do anything" or "I have been voting for Republicans all my life and they still don't get things done.  It's useless to vote."  No, it isn't.

While the Republican Party in Congress has been largely disappointing in its unasked-for moderation, the alternative, not voting for Republicans, is a malodorous solution.  Not a conspiracist here, but I often wonder if these demoralizers are plants, deliberately trying to lessen the red wave of November.  Ideally, they would win, but the winds of political war are against them at the moment, so they will settle for a less egregious loss.  These cowards can be articulate and persuasive in convincing some to stay home in November.  Such people should not be listened to.  They are misguided at best, subversive at worst.  And they are dead wrong.

For the sake of argument, let's say ten Republicans can be persuaded not to vote.  Those ten will talk to their friends, who will talk to their families and coworkers, and before you know it, dozens of people are refusing to vote because they are demoralized.  Don't they know that the tactics of demoralizing Republican voters through phony polling and through people who keep saying "it's useless to vote" are the very means by which Democrats win?  (And cheating, of course, but that isn't new.)

Those dozens of people who have been persuaded not to vote by the round-heeled squishes may be the very margins by which a Republican conservative wins over a "progressive" Democrat, the very people who are destroying our economy and our culture.  And with Republicans in office, conservatives stand a far better chance of replacing RINOs with real conservatives.  With Democrats in charge, there is zero chance of things getting better.

Surrender or fight back? Americans don't surrender.  They fight for what is right and good and decent.  It is indecent to advocate not voting.  "Surrender" is not a word in the American right's lexicon, especially now, when the country teeters on a knife's edge of socialism and communism.

Vote-avoiders seem eager to surrender the country for their own petty snit.  Get over it.  No one can afford to stay away from the polls in November.  All that does is to thoughtlessly hand over the keys to the country without even trying to protect what is inside our doors.

Vote-avoiders are angry, and perhaps they have a right to be.  But anger is no reason for capitulation.  Is it better to lose and feel virtuous in your righteous anger or to win and have a chance to right this ship?  Certain defeat or possible victory — what a choice.

We cannot win if we don't fight back.  Ignore the self-righteous "don't vote" types.  They believe that their anger is more important than fighting back.  They will sacrifice your freedom for their comfort, much like Democrats.  They have not yet learned the lesson that you don't foul your nest and then complain about the stench.

Image: Mike Licht.

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