Public librarians in conservative suburbs used taxpayer funds to promote sexual agitprop

I grew up in the '90s, and perhaps one of the most memorable aspects of my childhood was the abundance of books.  I still remember reading The Moorchild, which carried me into the cold Irish woods full of fairies, and admiring the nobility and sacrifice of the characters in the Redwall series, even though they were only woodland creatures, and staying up late finishing Planet of the Apes because I had to find out what happened in the end, even though I knew I was sure to get in trouble if my parents caught me.  (I'm sure this is where I got my love for dystopian fiction.)

Both my school library and the public library were harbors of enchantment and discovery, and without a doubt, the stories of my youth impacted my mental development and the person I am today.

But now, for today's children — which Bill Maher rightly acknowledges are "cannon fodder" in the left's war against a moral culture — those same venues are dens of abuse, filled with broods of vipers.  You can find books that teach masturbation and display illustrations of "transgender" and gay "sex."  Last year, ABC News reported:

'Gender Queer,' an illustrated memoir, contains explicit illustrations of oral sex and masturbation. The novel 'Lawn Boy' contains graphic descriptions of sex between men and children [emphasis added].

And now, just two days ago, The Federalist published a story that county librarians had accessed public funds to promote homosexuality and "drag queen storytime" events.  From the article:

February 2022 emails The Federalist obtained through an open-records request in June show Glen Carbon youth librarian Aimee Villet asking Saint Louis librarians to recommend drag performers to hire: '[W]ould love to offer a Drag Queen storytime at our library,' Villet wrote.

The response of Villet's recipient was not shown in the records request — contact information for adult men in drag was presumably provided — but a follow-up email from Villet was, and read:

Thanks so much! I contacted her [emphasis added] via Facebook, and I'll go from there!

I'm not surprised you had complaints, LGBTQIA+ programming for kids [emphasis added] always leads to complaints. Our library and the mayor got a lot of heat last year over our 'This Day in June' storywalk. We aren't letting that stop us from supporting our LGBTQ families!

First of all, a man is not a "her" — and secondly, Villet's Freudian slip affirms what we all know: these psychological attacks against children are meant to program them into accepting the political and Marxist agenda of destroying the nuclear family unit.

Despite anticipated serious blowback from the citizens footing the bill, these women were unwilling to let it stop them from moving forward with their plans.

That isn't surprising, as nothing is sacred to the left — not childhood innocence, not morality, and not the consideration of the people for whom they work.

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