Obama's SUV parked in a handicapped spot for 2 hours as he enjoyed upscale sushi with his daughters in LA

Staying out of handicapped parking spaces is for little people, apparently.  While you or I would face a fine of $250 to $1,000 in California for parking in a handicapped spot in front of a fancy restaurant while we spent two hours inside, if we didn't have the necessary documentation, the rules are different for Barack Obama.

The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

Former President Barack Obama's Secret Service SUV was spotted parked in a handicapped spot for two hours as he dined at a swanky West Los Angeles sushi restaurant with his two daughters. 

The black SUV stayed in a spot marked for handicap parking as it waited for the Obamas to finish eating at the pricey Hamasaku restaurant, where eight-piece sushi rolls cost $50 and specialty rolls go for more than $20 each. 

Video taken by a bystander shows His Excellency, dressed completely in white, stepping out of the restaurant into the SUV driven by his Secret Service detail, which had been hogging the spot right in front of the restaurant for the entire time he was inside with Sasha and Malia, who both live in California.

YouTube screen grab.

Moments after it pulls out, a police vehicle drives by, probably part of its motorcade, though obviously no ticket was issued for the violation:


Because the Secret Service was on duty with the vehicle while Obama was inside, the SUV easily could have been parked nearby in a legal space and summoned by radio to pick up Obama as soon as he completed his meal.  That way, anyone legitimately needing the spot — on crutches, in a wheelchair, or physically distressed when walking — could have had access to it.  But such considerations mean nothing when a few seconds of the time of The First Black President are involved.

The restaurant, located in the glitzy gay mecca of West Hollywood's Santa Monica Boulevard, looks like an elegant spot for a meal that combines traditional sushi and sashimi with Californian nouveau cuisine.

Photos: Hamasaku Facebook page.

I'd love to dine there for a special occasion.  But I know that parking in that neighborhood can be a tremendous hassle — as it was the last time I tried to dine in West Hollywood, where parking enforcement is strict — so I'll probably forego the opportunity the next time I am in LA.

Hat tip: Arnold Cusmariu.

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