Obama smacked down for gaslighting about Americans being 'better off' under Joe Biden

In comparison to Joe Biden, Barack Obama appears to be a picture of probity, wisdom, and dignity. 

But in reality, he's just a more unflappable liar, and now that Democrats are on the rocks in the polls, he's cribbed a page from Ronald Reagan, a man he's always had a curious fascination for, claiming that "the country is better off than when you took office.  We should all be deeply grateful for that."

If Obama were to ask that as a question, the way Reagan once did, the open-ended answer would not have been to his liking, so Obama supplied the answer, too.

He was all gaslighting.

The geniuses at Issues & Insights have a tremendous takedown of that ridiculous claim, going point by point, with hard numbers, showing just how phony that Obama statement was, beginning with this memorable lede:

When he wasn't admiring his White House portrait, Barack Obama managed to say a nice thing about President Joe Biden. He must have been joking, though, because what he said defies reality.

"Joe, it is now America's good fortune to have you as president," Obama said. "The country is better off than when you took office. We should all be deeply grateful for that."

Our "good fortune"? Let's review just how much "better off" we all are thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats.

COVID deaths: When Biden took office on the promise that he had a plan that would end COVID, the official death count was 424,318. Today it is over 1.044 million. In other words, there have been nearly 620,000 COVID deaths on Biden's watch. And that's despite all the interventions Biden claimed would end the pandemic. Are the families of those 620,000 people better off?

It goes on with eight additional bullet points on inflation, real earnings, financial stress, economic optimism, unity, the stock market, crime, and the direction of the country that is well worth reading.

Had they wanted to continue, they could have added illegal immigration, taxes, energy independence, America's global standing, education test scores, the law, and other calamities associated with the Biden nightmare administration.

It's a full blown smack-down of the former bloviator-in-chief, who's climbed back onto the world stage to ensure Joe Biden's and other Democrats' political survival as midterms beckon, and the 2024 general election comes at them like a head-on train.

Obama may think he can get away with mouthing the biggest absurdities, since he's always gotten away with such doings.  But in reality, there are just too many data out there, and guys like those at Issues & Insights have no fear of laying the reality out.

The gaslighting tactic works only until it doesn't.  Obama's been to that well one too many times at this point.  He's starting to look as ridiculous as Joe Biden now.

Image:  Steven Snodgrass via Flickr ProCC BY 2.0.

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