New York AG Letitia James continues her obsessive quest to destroy Trump

Letitia James, New York's attorney general, seems disinterested in addressing any of New York's systemic criminal issues.  Instead, like Ahab pursuing Moby-Dick, she has one obsessive goal: destroying Donald Trump and his family.  Indeed, that was a significant part of her election platform.  All of her efforts have culminated in a 220-page civil suit against Trump, his children, and the Trump Organization, claiming that the Trump businesses overvalued their properties.  The complaint (which I haven't read) apparently goes through property after property, identifying the value the Trump Organization gave for the property and then giving James's estimation of those property values.  It sounds like a stinker of a case.

Trump being Trump was not shy about attacking James for her unhinged, vindictive effort to destroy him for daring to win the 2016 election, and his family, too.  (You can tell she's worried that Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. could all run for office successfully if they wanted.)

You just need to see a couple of videos to understand James's Ahab-like obsession with destroying Trump:

I was never a Melville fan, but I distinctly recall that Ahab died pursuing the whale.  Trump does not appear to be worried:

That's to be expected.  What's a little more interesting is that the New York Times isn't impressed, either, as Trump was quick to note:

The reality is that, in the real estate world, property owners give their valuations — and then the bank, if one is seeking financing, or the insurance company, if one is seeking insurance, makes its own evaluation.  Any American who has bought a home knows that this is true.  No bank or insurance company would ever hand out money or coverage based on someone's own estimation.  In other words, no one was harmed, which explains why no bank or insurance company has sued or is joining the suit.  If, as seems likely, James cannot prove injuries, she has no case.

Kurt Schlichter, a brilliant litigator and legal commentator, spelled out the problems with James's case:

Heck, the case is so bad that even Bill Barr, who's become Trump's mortal enemy when it comes to disputing the American president's plenary power to declassify anything he wants, has gone on record saying that the case is a "political hit job" that constituted "gross overreach," that will end up "backfiring," because it will increase sympathy for Trump.  The suit, he concluded, is nothing more than a manifestation of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

No president in American history has paid such a high price for daring to buck the establishment.  Trump may be gone from office, but the leftists holding power across America have vowed to do everything they can to hunt him down and destroy him.  Is it appropriate for me, at this point, to remind them again that Ahab went down with the ship?

Image: Moby-Dick (edited).  Public domain.

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