New CNN boss Chris Licht earns the title of ‘fascist’ for demoting loser Don Lemon

There’s a great meme that floats around, almost exclusively used to highlight the mental immaturity and hyper-emotional state of so many Democrats and arguably, the entire left. The cartoon depicts what looks like the cover of a Little Golden Book, and the title reads “Everyone I Don’t Like is (insert any one of the number of slurs used against conservatives)” – Hitler, a Fascist, a Racist, a Russian Agent, etc. — while the subheading is always “The Emotional Child’s Guide to Political Discussion”.

Any of Olbermann’s recent tweets would indicate that he is highly unstable. He’s declared DeSantis to be guilty of “human trafficking” for his Vineyard stunt, and he retweeted a post accusing the governor of collaborating with “coyotes” while chalking it up to — you guessed it — “fascism”, and then said this of President Trump:

Trump has deteriorated from a humanoid-but-not-human power-mad creature with a messiah complex, into an out-of-control nuclear reactor, a Chernobyl wearing orange make-up. Use the materials already seen by DOJ and INDICT THE M-F’ER.

Well, now it seems like Keith Olbermann could have found an actual copy of what was meant to be a joke — because now he’s not just calling President Trump and MAGA Americans fascist, but the new leftist boss at CNN too:

(Although frankly, if anyone is actually a fascist, it would stand to reason it’s the one who holds left-wing views, given fascism is a leftist political ideology.)

I mean, the demotion couldnt have anything to do with the fact that Don Lemons show was the lowest-rated show in primetime cable news” could it? (And actually, Lemon even hilariously claimed the bump from primetime to a humdrum morning slot was a promotion.) And it definitely wasn’t because of the general free fall of CNN ratings since they jettisoned their remaining journalistic integrity in favor of Orwellian propaganda when Trump rolled down that escalator.

Leftists like Olbermann love to envision themselves as intellectually superior, master wordsmiths, and pithy communicators — but then they absolutely eviscerate language to the point where words lose all meaning.

They can’t define ‘woman’ because biological sex is simply a social contruct; a baby in the womb is only a baby if the mother wants the child in that given moment; as long as you “identify” as something, that means you are that something; and now, ‘fascist’ no longer concerns a political philosophy, but rather it is simply an empty slur thrown at people who aren’t raging leftists (which is, strangely ironic). You know, it sure evokes a theme of “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”

Maybe there is a silver lining to all this word mutilation though. If the left continues to gut all substance from the English language, then conservatives can’t be so easily isolated and persecuted, because now Democrats and leftists are now fascists too.

To be curt, seeing the left eat their own is sublime schadenfreude, and witnessing the emotional meltdowns of grown adults like Olbermann is beyond amusing.

Image: Free image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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