Let's outlaw stolen virtue

The main problem for those who choose to virtue-signal is that at some point, they may be called upon to actually demonstrate that virtue.  This has proven to be a major hurdle for most on the left.

We are familiar with the term "stolen valor" in reference to individuals who misrepresent their military achievements so as to undeservedly bring glory upon themselves.  Congress even passed a law in 2005 making it a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail.  For those foolish enough to attempt "grand theft valor" by claiming Medal of Honor status, the punishment was increased to a year in the slammer.  There were some, like John Kerry, who skirted actual theft of valor, instead exaggerating the danger they endured and the injuries they suffered.  You can be awarded a Purple Heart for a tiny shrapnel wound, but in all good conscience, should you be?  During WWII, my father turned down that medal at least two times for minor injuries because, as he told me many years later, "guys were getting blown to hell, and losing limbs and more.  How could I place myself in the same category?"  John Kerry can only dream of having my dad's courage and valor.

These last weeks, we have been inundated with stories of hypocritical stolen virtue.  V.P. Harris, she of the "secure border" fantasy, seems to be unhappy with busloads of illegals deposited at her curb.  The sanctuary city of Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot declares outrage at the buses sent her way by Gov. Abbott of Texas, claiming that in addition to the horror of these individuals actually hoping for the city's advertised sanctuary, she had not even been warned that they were coming.  The next day, she shipped them off to some Republican cities to the north of the city without, of course, giving those communities warning.

But for sheer joy, watching the blubbering and gnashing of teeth as a result of migrants being flown to Martha's Vineyard by Florida governor Ron DeSantis is in a class by itself.  To think those individuals inhabiting one of the nation's most liberal locations would not welcome this chance to display their bona fides as compassionate folks who want to genuinely offer sanctuary is telling.  Much like the old expression, "don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that guy behind the tree," the actions and words of the tribe of hypocrites inhabiting the island off the coast of Massachusetts are revealing.  "Let the illegals come across the border.  Just keep them in those little towns in Texas and other sites just north of the Rio Grande."

Morons such as California governor "Gel-Head" Newsom believes that Abbott and DeSantis should be charged with kidnapping.  If that is kidnapping, I, as a resident of Florida, would love to be kidnapped by our fine governor and sent to the Vineyard.  Governor, I promise I will not press charges.

I propose a federal statute making it illegal to claim virtue, then fail to demonstrate it.  Individuals convicted of the crime would be forced to live in a homeless shelter of their choice in a Texas border town for a period of six months.  Sanctuary cities that fail to offer said sanctuary would be subjected to a fleet of pothole gouging machines that, so far as I know, have not been invented yet.  I'm sure they could be put together rapidly, for the market will be huge.  The machines would rumble up and down the streets of those unvirtuous cities, creating huge repair bills for the municipalities.  My proposed law would prohibit federal assistance for those repairs.  Let Loony Lightfoot figure out how to pay for it.

Finally, I believe that virtue is a beautiful thing.  But if you're going to claim it, you'd darn well better be willing to demonstrate it.  Claims of sanctuary in the hypocritical hope of gaining votes or political favor cannot and should not be tolerated.  Bring on those pothole gougers.

Bill Hansmann is a dentist and dental educator with over fifty years in the profession.  He continues to teach and write political blogs and semi-mediocre novels while living with his wife and cats in Florida.

Image via Pxhere.

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