Karen Bass, a gun-control leftist, had her guns stolen

Karen Bass is a U.S. Congresswoman who is currently running for office as the Mayor of Los Angeles. She is a hardcore leftist, so much so that she called a prominent Communist Party USA member, not just a friend, but also a mentor. She is consistently in favor of gun control measures. And on Saturday, she announced that someone broke into her home and stole two of her guns:

Candidate for Los Angeles mayor and U.S. Rep. Karen Bass says her home was burglarized overnight.

Bass said Saturday afternoon that her home had been broken into late Friday evening and two firearms were stolen, “despite being safely and securely stored.”

I have no problem whatsoever with Bass possessing firearms. While I disagree with her politically, she’s a law-abiding citizen, and I believe this would be a safer, more polite country if every law-abiding citizen-owned firearms.

Image: Karen Bass by Karen Bass for Mayor. Public Domain.

The problem I have with Bass is that she, like everyone else in the Democrat party, doesn’t think you ought to own firearms. There are no gun control laws, whether nationally or in her home state of California, that she doesn’t support. Here’s a list of gun control initiatives Bass supports (culled from here, here, here):

  • Forcing gun dealers to report all sales to the federal government
  • Banning magazines holding more than ten rounds
  • Requiring mandatory background checks for all firearm sales (including private exchanges)
  • Reinstating the federal assault weapons ban
  • Requiring background checks to purchase ammunition
  • Banning “bullet buttons”
  • Banning lending guns to one’s own family members without a background check
  • Repealing “stand your ground” laws

Every one of these ideas, while ostensibly saying people can purchase and possess guns, in fact hugely limits people’s ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The time and money hurdles of background checks, not just for guns but for ammo, will inevitably result in some people being unable to afford a gun and others being unable to get guns quickly when their need is serious (e.g., stalking because restraining orders don’t stop people).

And of course, the government has no right to tell you what kind of a gun you need or want or how much ammo you’ll need or want. (This video is stunning for the clarity with which it shows how multiple bullets may not stop or even slow someone mentally ill or on drugs.)

In other words, Karen Bass doesn’t want you to have a gun—but it’s perfectly okay for her to have two guns. Like all leftists, her double standard comes naturally. She is smarter, more reliable, more honest, and more trustworthy than you are, so the ordinary rules, the ones she wants for the rest of you, just don’t apply. Life is good for the nomenklatura.

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