Kamala Harris blunders away through her trip to South Korea

Just yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Korean Peninsula's Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides North and South Korea.

Harris had previously visited the North and South Korean border, and the southern border of her own country, an identical number of times.

Harris said the following:

"So, the United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.  And it is an alliance that is strong and enduring. And today, there were several demonstration of just that point."

North Korea? Why would the Biden administration want to build an alliance with North Korea?

North Korea is ruled by a dictator. The regime persecutes political opponents and misuses the arms of the government to punish dissent. Raids and arrests without warrants of dissidents are common practice. An obsequious media willingly follow the diktats of the regime.  It actually kills Americans.

Perhaps the Biden administration was preparing for the midterms and the 2024 elections and looking for expert tips on how to improve their skills in despotism.

So how did North Korea react to this friendly overture from Harris?

Just hours later, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off the North's east coast, in breach of UN sanctions this week.

This has been a record year for missile tests in North Korea, and the latest launches are timed to send a message.

These missile tests had been reduced considerably during the Trump administration.

So is this a diplomatic embarrassment for the U.S.? 

Was North Korea rejecting friendly advances?

It turns out to be another embarrassing but monumental blunder by Harris.

It was Kamala Harris being Kamala Harris.

It was one of those rare occasions where she didn’t serve her notorious word salads. She was downright wrong.

What is amazing is Harris didn’t even comprehend her mistake and proceeded with her remarks.

The transcriber of Harris’s utterances attempted to strike a fine balance between factually reflecting Harris’s utterances and remedying her blunder.

When the Republic of North Korea is mentioned, the word ‘North’ is struck out – North.

Ideally, the transcript should have hyperlinked the canceled word with an explicit note that Harris misspoke. But that is too much to expect from Democrats. We must be grateful for a relatively factual account.

Harris’s gaffe has multiple levels.

She mentioned the Republic of North Korea, but the fact is no country with that name exists. What Harris meant was the Republic of Korea, i.e., South Korea, not the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), i.e., North Korea.

Also during her visit to the DMZ, Harris seemed to discover the miracles of the binoculars, i.e., how things appear much closer than they are.

The famously loquacious word-saladist even struggled to make small talk with her guides.

Harris is not the only one.

Early this week on Wednesday, Biden himself suffered a brain malfunction.

Biden looked in the audience for Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., during a White House conference on ending hunger.

Biden forgot that Walorski had died last month and that he had paid tribute to her and will sign legislation in her name by the end of the week. The video of that is here.

To sum it up the president has problems with reality while the vice president struggles with facts.

They have a lot more in common.

Both are frequently incoherent.

While Harris specializes in word salads, Biden invents words of his own -- hear them here and here.

While Biden loses his way on the White House lawn, Harris loses her way in a jungle of words while meeting world leaders -- such as here and here.

Both Biden and Harris have a distant relationship with facts.

Biden claimed the Inflation Reduction act will reduce inflation despite the likes of Bernie Sanders, and government agencies such as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, both saying the legislation will have a "negligible" effect on inflation.  

Harris claimed the U.S. border is secure, despite the serious border crisis where over 1.7 million migrant encounters occurred in 2021, and over 2 million in 2022. 

Both have a short temper when confronted by tough questions -- hear it here and here.

They say that if the captain is weak, the team chooses a strong vice-captain who can step in should the captain be incapacitated.

Why then did Biden’s handlers choose Kamala as Biden’s running mate?

Biden’s rapidly declining cognitive abilities were obvious since his ‘campaign’ began.

Biden’s handlers knew that upon being ‘elected,’ anyone with a functioning brain and cognitive abilities would evict Joe from the White House using the 25th Amendment.

Biden’s handlers desperately needed someone not only devoid of abilities but also inarticulate and lacking initiative as well.

This was going to be a difficult search because most politicians are usually articulate and are often megalomaniacal.

A shrewd mind among Biden’s handlers realized that Kamala Harris fit the bill perfectly.

Hence they swallowed the myriad attacks that Harris launched upon Biden during the primary debates.

It helped that Harris happens to be a woman of color.

Biden’s handlers asked him to take a public pledge that his running mate would be a woman of color.

This prompted the always power-hungry Stacey Abrams to throw her hat into that ring. But Stacey never had a chance.

It was always going to be Harris, not because of skin color or gender, but for her lack of abilities and desire for even the slightest of effort. She would have been selected even if she were a Muscovy duck.

Most people are selected for a job for their talents and drive for excellence, Harris was selected for the lack of both.

Upon being announced, Harris was venerated by coastal ‘elites’ when Biden declared her as his running mate. There were fawning op-eds, celebrating her life and even her nonexistent abilities. 

This led many to presume that Harris would eventually become president. It didn’t help that Biden kept referring to her as President Harris.

To dispel the illusion of her abilities, Biden’s handlers immediately assigned Kamala the task of resolving the border crisis which is light years away from her abilities.

This was a trap.

If Harris had even attempted or pretended to resolve the crisis she would be attacked by her open-border-advocating fellow Democrats.

Now that she failed abjectly she is being denounced by the right and even some Democrats.

Her reputation was disintegrating.

Biden’s handlers didn’t have to do much after that, they just had to give her a speaking assignment, and she imploded.

What is amazing is that she has access to the best subject matter experts and public speaking experts. She could read from prepared notes or off a teleprompter. Nobody would grudge her for being boring as long as she got it right.

But Harris is complacent in addition to being inept, which is the worst combination a human can have.

Her inabilities and relentless verbal struggles despite her functioning cognitive abilities and mental faculties made a man with early dementia appear the relatively sharper one.

For Biden’s handlers, this was mission accomplished.

The nation and the value of the words emanating from the nation’s top leaders may be diminished, but they are to hold onto power for four years and alter the nation forever.

Image: Screen shot from Bloomberg Markets and Finance video, via YouTube.]

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