Joe Biden parties with Elton John while the nation struggles following unprecedented crises

Sir Elton John performed at the White House before an audience that is the who’s who of the liberal echo chamber. 

Following his performance, Biden announced that John would receive the National Humanities Medal, which recognizes those who "deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities.

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A week back, singer James Taylor performed at the White House, to celebrate the newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act.

Clearly, D.C thinks this is a joyous time that merits celebrations and merrymaking.

How did the media react?

The WaPo was relieved that celebrities are returning back to the White House after the ‘Trump drought’ and so was ABC News. The New York Times was jubilant that Elton John, who they claim is a favorite of Trump, had performed at Biden’s White House. Taxpayer-funded NPR lauded John for singing at the White House and turning down ‘megafan’ Trump's offer to sing at his inauguration.

So’s what’s happening beyond D.C?

Inflation is at a forty-year high. The costs of goods and services have risen by 8.3 percent in the last 12 months

The stock market continues to decline into a bear market. 

High gas and diesel prices are hurting citizens and contributing to the already high inflation, since gasoline and diesel play an important role in supply chains.

The unguarded border caused more than 1.7 million migrant encounters in 2021 and more than 2 million so far in 2022. Human trafficking and the smuggling of illicit drugs are on the rise.

The Democrats' demonization of the police and the vaccine mandate have resulted in understaffing of police forces across America.  Consequently, there has been a spike in violent crimes in the U.S. while the murder rate spiked by 30%, the biggest increase since record-keeping began in 1960. 

Under the Democrats, political opponents are targeted. Many other Trump allies have either been arrested or targeted and had their phones seized, some 40 in all. The January 6 protesters have been subjected to subhuman conditions in prisons awaiting trial for prolonged periods. Trump's home was raided.

Dissent is being criminalized

Parents who opposed the Critical Race Theory being taught in school were labeled domestic terrorists. An Orwellian "Disinformation Governance Board" was set up to monitor the utterances of regular citizens, the Biden administration claims this board has been ‘paused’

The right of choice was trampled upon by vaccine mandates and the right to free movement was encroached due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

The media is compromised and so are investigative agencies; the result is the nation is subjected to a series of disinformation campaigns, the Russian collusion hoax, the Ukraine call hoax, and now the insurrection hoax.

Perverse and sexually deviant ideas are being forced on young children in schools.

To sum it up, the citizens are struggling on every front, their wallets are being emptied, their jobs are at risk, now safety is being compromised, they are being brainwashed, and if they dare to complain, they are demonized.

The situation abroad isn’t encouraging either.

Biden’s hasty and unplanned withdrawal has left Afghanistan with the Taliban be back in control.

The war in Ukraine continues. The rhetoric of regime change and nuclear threats continues to inflame the situation. Instead of leading peace initiatives, Washington has dispatched billions of taxpayer dollars and advanced weaponry, with no tracking mechanism.

Back to Elton John.

"I just wish America could be more bipartisan on everything," John said during his White House concert.

Perhaps John missed Biden demonizing his political opponents as a "threat to democracy".

John had performed at Donald Trump’s 2005 wedding to Melania, however, John declined an invitation to play at Trump's 2017 inauguration.

John had claimed the possibility of a Trump victory made him “fear for the world” and that Trump will ‘marginalize people' and persecute LGBT+ people.

Does John really care for LGBT+ causes such that he would turn down lucrative gigs?

He performed in Russia and Morocco, which have a record of persecuting members of the LGBT+ community.  Wikileaks revealed that John performed for Kazakhstan’s strongman Nursultan Nazarbaev, also accused of a raft of rights abuses. 

Trump, however, has never been anti-LGBT. He even held a rainbow flag at the GOP Convention to show his support. 

Why then did John turn down Trump's offer?

I suspect that it is simply because he feared being blacklisted by the entertainment industry which would prevent future lucrative gigs.

John’s name appeared in the infamous Pandora Papers among other celebrities who had benefited from offshore shell companies and tax havens.

Clearly, John’s primary concern isn’t the welfare of marginalized communities but the welfare of his bank balance. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just the hypocrisy and the virtue signaling that is revolting.

Back to Biden’s White House.

Anybody with even a smidgen of empathy knows that it’s rude to make an ostentatious display before the less fortunate. If you have to engage in guilty pleasures, you do it behind closed doors. 

The nation is going through myriad hardships due to Biden's misgovernance.  The consequence of inflation is that personal spending is reduced. Recreational activities such as attending concerts are postponed indefinitely.

Yet neither the Democrats nor Elton John, who claims to be brimming with empathy, realized how insensitive they appeared. Perhaps they realize but don’t care about what happens beyond their plush habitats.

This also explains why in response to rising fuel costs they recommend driving expensive electric cars.

It explains why they want to take away guns, which are the only affordable method of self-defense, while they have armed bodyguards.

It explains why open border advocates want to resettle illegal immigrants in working-class localities. They get to virtue signal while the working class suffers. When illegal immigrants of color are transported to their elite localities, they call the National Guard and have them evicted.

During the pandemic, the 'elites' supported draconian lockdowns. They didn’t care that people with meager savings, living on low-paying jobs or running small businesses, will be financially ruined due to prolonged lockdowns. They lived comfortably within their spacious mansions and could remain within their premises for a prolonged period of time; problems that others faced were irrelevant.

Biden’s inauguration itself began with a display of insensitivity.  All of D.C. was on lockdown due to the ‘insurrection’. While regular citizens were compelled to stay indoors, multi-millionaires from showbiz and beyond were in attendance. Some even posted photos on social media alongside National Guard members who were maintaining the lockdown.

There are numerous instances of tone-deaf and insensitive utterances and behavior that could even embarrass Marie Antoinette.

During such turbulent times, one expects the fourth estate to speak out. Alas, the media is comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted instead of doing the opposite.

The opposition, i.e., the GOP, is making some noise but not enough.

The Elton John concert is a sterling opportunity for the GOP to make advertisements that can be broadcast nationally. They could do a split screen, with Elton singing for 'elites' on the left while inflation, crime, open border, the fentanyl crisis, etc. on the right.

It is high time their barks evolve into roars.

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