Insidious voter fraud

There are two kinds of voter fraud.  One is obvious voter fraud.  That's the kind we know about and hear about every day:

  • Voting machines programmed to "flip" votes from one candidate to the other.
  • Pre-printed bogus ballots stuffed into voting machines to inflate the count.
  • Voter participation that exceeds 100% of the number of registered voters in that precinct.
  • Observers/poll watchers of one party being ushered out of the tabulation area so that the other side is free to manipulate the totals.
  • "Mules" being hired to stuff ballot pickup boxes with additional fraudulent ballots.
  • Mysterious boxes of additional ballots — all for one candidate — suddenly materializing in the wee hours of the morning being added to the vote count.
  • Legitimate absentee ballots not being counted because they'd likely be for the "wrong" candidate.
  • State voting laws and procedures being illegally changed to favor one party over the other.
  • Mail-in voting procedures — such as signature matching and verification — being intentionally disregarded as long as the vote is for the "correct" candidate.

These are the most widely known forms of voter fraud.  But there is a more insidious form of voter fraud.  Evil, deceptive, subtle, and cunning.  This kind of fraud is practiced — or even attempted — only at the very highest levels, by real political pros, people who have immersed themselves in a lifetime's dedication to undetectable, completely inconspicuous election-fixing.  This is done where one side would never even consider that the other side warrants a fair shot at election victory.  The thinking goes, "We've always won, we'll always win, it's our birthright."

Welcome to Massachusetts, World Headquarters for Insidious Voter Fraud.  The Democrats are the perpetrators; the Republicans are their victims.  Republicans in Mass. are not unlike the hapless Washington Generals to the Democrats' always victorious Harlem Globetrotters.

Here's the latest example.  In March 2022, The Democrat-dominated Massachusetts State Legislature passed a new law that gives drivers' licenses to illegal aliens and automatically registers them to vote at the time they get their license.  This law, in addition to all the other bad things it cements into place, creates an entirely new pool of bogus Democrat voters.  These people will be on the official voters' rolls — so they can vote in elections — but they're not U.S. citizens, and so they are technically not qualified to vote.

Conservatives went wild.  This law was never voted on by the people — it was created and pushed through by Democrat politicians to keep Democrats in power with several thousand new fake voters.  Opponents started an uphill grassroots signature campaign to get the measure onto the November ballot so the law can be voted on by the whole electorate.  Against all odds and despite overwhelming negative coverage by the Massachusetts media, the signature drive proved popular with the average person on the street and garnered two and a half times as many signatures as needed to get on the November ballot.

A win for the Good Guys, right?  Not so fast.

For every election, the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office produces a booklet called "Information for Voters."  In this booklet are that year's Ballot Questions, including a thorough explanation of both sides of the issue so voters can be informed and make a good choice.  Sounds good, except for one small detail.

The driver's licenses for illegals ballot question is not in the booklet.  Why?  The booklet says,

As required by state law, this book contains information on ballot questions submitted by July 6, 2022.

Additional ballot questions submitted after the printing deadline may appear on your ballot.

The State never told the signature organizers that there was a "printing deadline" in order for the ballot question to appear in the booklet.  The organizers were told that the deadline for verified signatures was early September but were never told that they would long have missed the so-called "printing deadline."

I worked in the consumer electronics products manufacturing world for many decades, in marketing.  Some of the product was manufactured domestically; some of it came in from overseas.  Many times, there would be last-minute changes to the product's specifications or description.  In that case, we'd tell the overseas factory to leave out the owner's manuals.  We'd make those last-minute updates to the manuals ourselves, have it printed locally, and slip them into the cartons when the shipment arrived.  Simple.  Know how long it takes a commercial printer to print several thousand 16- or 32-page owner's manuals?  Maybe two days.

The election is November 8, 2022.  These Information for Voters booklets could be printed and mailed to a few million households in no time flat.  A week.  Ten days, tops.  We just received it in the mail, so it could easily have been printed as late as early September.  The license initiative qualified for the ballot two weeks ago.  That question could and should be in this booklet.

But Massachusetts Democrat secretary of state William Galvin, along with the Massachusetts Democrat election machine, didn't want it in the booklet.  So they fabricated some arbitrary, uncheckable "printing deadline" — which any business veteran knows is totally fake — and used that as an excuse to exclude a ballot question from the booklet that would very likely go against them.  Now, with most voters unaware of the license issue, the question — which will now be sprung by surprise on voters on the ballot since it wasn't in the info booklet — will either be approved by ignorant voters or skipped over altogether by most voters.

This is insidious voter fraud.  Democrats do this kind of thing all across the country, and they're really good at it.  Republicans need to wake up.

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