Idaho's Health and Welfare discovered to be in bed with nonprofit that promotes sexual corruption

We all could have seen this coming in California or New York, but Idaho?

Earlier this week, an indescribably sadistic clip made the rounds on social media.  Presented at the beginning of the medium was a three-way video conversation, and although it was unclear who the participants were, it's logical to deduce that the exchange must have at least been sponsored in part by a California-based nonprofit known as Education, Training and Research (ETR) because the company's logo appeared on the video feed.

The topic?  "Porn literacy."

Although beyond disgraceful given the content of the discussion, the woman who appeared to act as the host was excessively jovial while considering the prospect that innocent "elementary-aged" school children would be exposed to graphic visuals of sexual interactions rife with hedonism and abuse.

(The consumptive desire to destroy childhood innocence is a trait shared by predators and pedophiles alike.)

In between exaggerated smiles and flamboyant inflections, the young woman stated:

Critical thinking skills are the largest component of porn literacy. It's the ability for young people to analyze and ask questions about the media that they're viewing. Porn is meant to sexually excite a viewer and create fantasy, right? So let's go ahead and start with elementary-aged youth[.]

You can watch the video in its entirety below:

In an even more distressing turn, an online document produced by ETR — titled "Insights on Pornography & Sex Education" — is falsely advertised as a reliable informational pamphlet on sexual health, declaring its creation to be the work of "educators, policy experts, and researchers[.]"  So what's in the digital brochure?

Well, here's a hint: the curriculum would have Alfred Kinsey foaming at the mouth.

The first conclusive "insight" is that "restrictive policies limit educators' ability to address pornography in sex education[.]"  Well, praise God for those "restrictive policies," then.

The bullet point was then broken down and articulated as this:

In school-based settings, discussion about pornography is often restricted. Some educators feel they may risk their jobs, or even the availability of sex education to students, if they attempt to include pornography as a topic in the classroom. When pornography is an allowed topic, educators must manage conflicting priorities from districts, schools, and parents[.]

Translation: Since schools were not designed to be debaucherous dens, but rather institutions of academic learning (you know, like reading and writing), lurking perverts often run into quite a few administrative hurdles.  Those who flout convention and opt for the route of predator are concerned that, if found out, they could be fired, or lose their access to young children, and their dreams of sexual grooming will never be realized.

However, even when schools do allow obscene sexual materials in the classroom, there are still hurdles!  Those pesky parents are likely to have an issue when pedophilic adults fixate on pornography instead of a traditional education.

Go figure, right?

When we analyze the roots of this movement, that it's not just untreated mental illness, but rather an intentional focus to sexually abuse children, it should be completely expected that this would crop up in Idaho, or any other conservative stronghold, for that matter.  No amount of defilement ever satisfies a Satanic agenda, and politically influenced boundaries do not suffice to stymie the encroachment.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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