I wish I could go to this South Korean military expo

A family member traveling in South Korea was leafing through the on-board magazine of the KTX Express bullet train system and found an ad for a military expo there (all in Korean, with the exception of the word "Expo" in Roman letters).  South Korea, of course, faces an active military threat from North Korea, which has thousands of artillery pieces aimed at Seoul from the other side of the DMZ.  Military conscription is universal for young males.

The graphics are quite alluring and make me wish that I could attend and participate in what looks like a great hands-on exhibit — see below.  Here is a machine translation of the text.

"*K-Military, Harmony of Peace"



 Gyeryong World Culture EXPO WOH

 2022.10.7) 10.23(g) Gyeryong Si-ryongdae runway, Chungcheongnam-do)

 main show |  Gyeryong World Military Orchestra Concert, Road Parade, Musical Gala Show

 program |

 Black Eagles celebratory flight, battle and maneuver demonstration, high-altitude descent demonstration, Army, Navy and Air Force Day, K-MILITARY contest, Gyeryongsan security climbing, Gyeryongdae area tour


 hum|  Military weapon equipment display and boarding, helicopter boarding tour, barracks training, survival, shooting training experience

 international conference

 |  Gyeryong World Peace Forum

 Exhibition Hall |

 World Peace Hall, Korean Peninsula Hope Hall, Republic of Korea Defense Hall, World Military Culture Hall, Defense Experience Hall, 4th Industry Convergence Hall, Regional Industry Hall


 : Gyeryong-si, Chungcheongnam-do


 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo Organizing Committee"

Here is the full-page ad from the magazine:

But it is this portion of the graphics that caught my relative's attention:

Firing a machine gun never looked like such fun.  Too bad my relative is flying home Labor Day.

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