How about some real history for a change?

The video below was in my YouTube suggestions a while back, and it truly is interesting.  It's an audio-book presentation (at 05:20:23) of the testimonial of Fanny Kelly, a woman held captive by American Indians in the 19th century.

Titled Narrative of My Captivity among the Sioux Indians, such material is invaluable because it's not from a textbook compiled by college professors who serve up revisionist history, filtered through the lens of their own biases.  It's a firsthand account provided by someone who was actually there.

A few things about it struck me.  First, Kelly was quite intelligent, as evidenced by her highly literate writing and ability to tailor what she said and did so as to manage the Indians' emotions and hence survive.  Second, her account seems honest; she didn't shrink from describing the Sioux's brutality, but she also gave them credit when it was due.  Third, her story illustrates well why people need God; in fact, the behavior of true pagans (hard to find today, though some claim the status) is a strong argument for the necessity of Christianity.  Fourth, the story illustrates why Christianity stresses forgiveness: practicing it is the only way to break cycles of hatred.  For hatred is like darkness: the more there is, the less you can see.

Kelly's narrative is a good antidote for the woke pseudo-history presented by today's schools and Hollywood.  And we all know how dangerous that is — political correctness can be as blinding as hatred.

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