Holding the open-borders Democrats accountable

The U.S. is currently in the midst of a serious border crisis since Joe Biden took over.

More than 1.7 million migrant encounters occurred in FY 2021 and more than 2 million in FY 2022.  The actual number of individuals who managed to cross the border and are inside the U.S. has to be considerably higher.

So what usually occurs after these migrants are apprehended?

The Biden administration transports these migrants, including the underaged migrants, via night flights, from Texas to New York, late at night.

So what happens after they land?

The New York Post reported that the migrants are then bussed to various other states or cities such as New Jersey and Philadelphia.  It isn't beyond the realms of possibility that these migrants are dropped into swing states.

None of this is reported by the mainstream news media, obviously.

The migrants are resettled into working-class neighborhoods in these states.

Any locality has facilities and resources that are directly proportional to the number of residents — i.e., citizens — living there.

What happens when migrants inundate these localities?

They occupy parks, pavements, and other free spaces, and once again, the citizens whose tax money funds the construction and maintenance of these places suffer.

When the sanitation and waste management facilities are overwhelmed, it results in the surroundings becoming unhygienic, which will become a health hazard, causing the spread of diseases.

If the migrants have highly contagious infections such as COVID-19, Monkeypox, tuberculosis, measles, leishmanosis, or any other infectious diseases, once again, the citizen suffers, first in the risk of being infected,  and second as health facilities meant for citizens are overwhelmed, causing them to have no option but to ignore citizens.

When some among the migrants commit violent crimes — car break-ins, burglaries, vandalism, fentanyl-dealing, identity theft, strong-arm robberies, rapes, and other violent crimes — it is the working-class citizen who suffers.  At times, citizens pay with their lives.

"Why just blame migrants?  Even citizens could be infected with diseases and be criminals!" is what the open borders proponent will say in retaliation as he accuses you of bigotry.

Well, the problems that could emanate from citizens are the nation's problems.  That doesn't mean we should import more problems.

There is also an impact on wages.

If impoverished migrants agree to work for less than minimum wages without benefits, the working-class citizens suffer job redundancy or depression in wages.  If they work under the table and send their untaxed remittances home, communities go underdeveloped and get a run-down look.

Beyond these issues, the impact of uncontrolled migration is cultural, which can hardly be gauged because the change is gradual.

The migrants may originate from cultures that have anachronistic values and practices relative to what is found in the U.S.  Instead of adapting to their surroundings, quite a few expect everyone else to adapt to their values.  Among other things, their refusal to conform results in "honor" killings, incestuous marriages, child marriages, foot baths, and "press 1 for English." 

In addition to the violence and regressive practices, culture and values are the core identity of a nation, and a locality that sees its erosion will soon be a lost community.

This uncontrolled influx is a long-term project of the Democrats — to inundate swing states with these migrants who, they think, will be Democrat voters.  The hope is that this new Democrat voter base will overwhelm the impact of existing Republican voters.

Soon elections are rendered meaningless. 

The Democrats have successfully implemented this in states such as New York and California, where even a potted plant, or worse, the likes of AOC, with the letter "D" after its name is certain to win elections.  In California, there are districts so packed with illegal aliens that voter turnout amounts to only about 10% of the number of people present to create the district.  These are known as "dead" zones, and Democrats know all about them.  Large numbers of illegal aliens also pad congressional seats for Democrats so that even if the illegals do not vote, their presence makes Democrat congressional seats possible that wouldn't otherwise be there.  The contests in these states with these arrangements are not between left and right, but among left, far left, and socialists.

This open border isn't due to Biden's misgovernance; this is an intentional and malicious act to ensure a permanence of power, both nationally and in key states.

The Democrat leaders who support open borders never suffer the consequences of the policies they advocate. 

They live in affluent localities.  Their properties are surrounded by imposing walls.  They also have armed bodyguards.  The migrants will not be allowed even near these localities, except as maids and gardeners.

That changed in April, when Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas led a unique practical experiment by transporting illegal aliens on a voluntary basis to "sanctuary" states run by open borders advocates.  The goal was to make them accept the consequences of their words and actions.

These migrants were transported to cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington.  Some were even dropped outside the Washington, D.C. home of Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's border czar, who had just advised the country that the border is "secure."

The governor of Arizona also followed this move, as  did Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis, who flew some 50 migrants into tony Martha's Vineyard.

As expected, the migrants haven't been welcomed with open arms.  The mayors of the cities have complained and attacked Republican governors while the wealthy liberals of Martha's Vineyard haven't actually opened their homes to the migrants they claim to love.  Some authorities have called the National Guard.

In doing this, the governors have revealed the Democrats to be hypocrites and elitists.

But we already knew that.

So what happens next?

Doubtless, at least some of these migrants will be transported to detention centers away from the local mansions, where they will then be re-released back to swing or Republican states.

If there has to be any long-term impact from this amusing exercise, all GOP governors must join in and keep dispatching migrants to liberal states for as long as they can.  

In time, the Democrats may block the buses at their city borders and prevent migrants from disembarking from planes.

It will be chaotic.

The only hope is that the chaos will cause local authorities compel the upper echelons of the Democrat party to fix the borders.

But the exercise in holding the open-border proponents accountable must not stop here.

When the GOP wins back the House and the Senate, Republicans must author a bill that does the following:

  • Mandates that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resume construction of the border barrier wall along the U.S.-Mexico border that President Trump began.
  • Mandates DHS to deploy tactical infrastructure and technology across all borders, beginning with the southern border.
  • Mandates that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) increase the number of border security agents and officers.

Now for the most crucial aspect of all this: the funding.

Yes, the taxpayers will be paying.

But the bill must have any or ideally both of the following clauses:

  • Mandate the transportation of migrants to liberal states whose governors, senators, representatives, and mayors advocate open borders.
  • All lawmakers who do not vote for the bill — i.e., who advocate open borders — must be compelled to pay an additional tax to fund infrastructure in these liberal cities that will accommodate the newly arrived migrants.
  • In addition to accommodation, these lawmakers must also contribute to funds for law enforcement, hospitals, and schools for migrants.
  • This tax must not be restricted to lawmakers, but also must include governors, mayors, and presidents who are proponents of open borders.

This will be an ideal way for the Democrats to show they really care for the migrants.

The Democrats will have two choices: either vote for border security and pay nothing, or don't vote for border security and fund the costs of migrants.

Let's see how they vote.

Will a bill such as this ever be authored?

Very unlikely.

But one sincerely hopes some among the lawmakers at least try.

Image: Screen shot from CNN video via shareable YouTube.

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