Et tu, Rupert Murdoch?

One of Rupert Murdoch's papers, the New York Post, recently, joined the jackals of the anti-Trump cabal.  The lead editorial August 31 — "Republicans Must Move beyond Trump" — indicates that the Post's Trumpophobia is, alas, irreversible.  The editorial goes on to call Mr. Trump an "albatross" and concludes by indicating that the GOP will not get the country past the disastrous Biden by sticking with the former president.

Apparently, Rupert Murdoch has come down with "paulryanism" — defined as "the refusal to stand with Donald J. Trump against the domestic enemies of the liberty-loving spirit of America, forcing the former president to face the Stalinists single-handedly."  Instead, Mr. Murdoch has become a media cohort of the Deep State's propaganda outlets that are committed to "destroy[ing] thoroughly" Donald J. Trump and "his kind."  (See the David Plouffe comment quoted in an August 2016 New York Times article: "Democrats, Looking Beyond Mere Victory, Hope to End the Trump Movement.")

Rupert Murdoch has become politically unfocused if he believes that pushing Citizen Trump aside will strengthen the political struggle against the Stalinists.  The effective destruction of Mr. Trump as a political force for the good of the country would only embolden the Stalinists in their campaign to end political liberty in America — that is, to end America's spirit of freedom, extolled by Madison in Federalist No. 57.

That Donald J. Trump has been maligned by America's enemies of freedom, without let-up, from the day he announced his presidential candidacy, June 2015, is brilliantly made clear by Victor Davis Hanson, in a recent piece in American Greatness: "The Strangest Thing About 'Semi-Fascist' Trump."  This article should be required reading for all persons of good conscience and, in particular, for every Republican member of the House and Senate, to convince them to abandon their own preoccupation with paulryanism.  Hanson shows why all lovers of liberty in America should be proud to stand with Donald J. Trump against the incipient forces of tyranny in America.

It should not surprise us to learn in coming months that, rather than Mr. Trump losing support, the New York Post has suffered a significant loss in circulation.  Sadly, Mr. Murdoch paid no heed to the experience of Liz Cheney; true Republicans have no fondness for turncoats.  Not only is Mr. Murdoch's commitment to the MAGA spirit in the Republican Party now open to question; so is his astuteness as a businessman.

Image: Fox News via YouTube, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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