Dishonest 'journalism' rules the airwaves

The media have a history of burying stories that are not convenient to their leftist agenda and reporting fake stories — like Russian collusion — that harm people they oppose. 

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster.  The people are starving.  Women and girls are being stripped of their humanity.  Terrorists have a strategic military base from which to build.  Yet we rarely see a story on the news.

It is understandable why the Biden administration wants the story off the front page — yet the media's compliance is disgusting.

The truth is very inconvenient for most members of the media, who campaign for Democrats.  In efforts to shield the public from Biden's disastrous policy, they relegate honest reporting to the back pages:

During a report on the CBS News Streaming Network on Tuesday, CBS News Foreign Correspondent Imtiaz Tyab reported that the Biden administration is pursuing an Afghanistan policy of "off the front page, that they don't want Afghanistan to be a top or front-page news story" due to how badly the withdrawal went and how terrible the situation in the country is now.

It's not just Afghanistan.  Here are other stories that the media mostly bury as they run cover for Democrats and their extremist policies:

When Trump was president, the media, entertainers, and other Democrats frequently went to the border to protest the supposedly inhumane policies.

Their protests and reporting virtually stopped when Biden took over, despite the fact the situation worsened.  That shows that they really don't care about the deaths, rapes, drug-running, and human-smuggling.

When Biden's spokespuppet said illegal aliens who aren't vaccinated aren't walking in, the mainstream leftist media didn't report her blatant lie. 

When the DHS secretary lies and says the border is secure, the media don't report the truth.

Crisis pregnancy centers, which help women of all races and economic statuses, are being violently attacked throughout the country, and the media — and the Justice Department, the Biden administration, talking heads, and other Democrats don't seem to care because we rarely see the stories.  Can anyone imagine the reporting if Planned Parenthood facilities were attacked?

Turns out, evidence suggests that Mark Zuckerberg facilitated election fraud in Wisconsin, and the story was buried.  Instead, the media and other Democrats claim the election was the "most secure" and anyone who questions it is a threat to democracy, an election denier, and an election liar.  Former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Mike Gableman alleged an "election bribery scheme" after conducting an investigation into anomalies. 

It should be a huge story that the FBI essentially told Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden story.  Could it be that other media outlets were also warned because they also censored the story?

How did fifty former intelligence officers determine that the laptop was Russian disinformation, given the fact they never saw it or examined it?  Did the FBI give them that false information to bury the story? 

Whistleblowers are coming forward at the FBI to say how politicized and corrupt the Justice Department is.  Normally, the media like whistleblowers, yet this story is buried. 

Can anyone imagine the wall-to-wall coverage if whistleblowers said the Trump Justice Department was politicized and corrupt?  One whistleblower even alleges that higher-ups directed agents not to examine the Hunter Biden laptop until after the election.

While the media report every dire warning about the climate, without question, we will not see a report talking about global cooling in the Southern Hemisphere because it doesn't support the agenda.

ABC killed a story on Jeffrey Epstein.  NBC killed a story on Harvey Weinstein, telling journalists to "stand down":

Rich McHugh recounts how top NBC brass, including news chairman Andrew Lack and news president Noah Oppenheim, bowed to Harvey Weinstein to quash the truth.

NBC also suppressed a story on Bill Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick — yet the media didn't hold back when they sought to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, despite having no credible evidence.

For decades, the media protected Bill and Hillary Clinton, despite knowing how many women they abused.

The MeToo movement was all a façade.  How many women and girls were abused by powerful men like Clinton, Weinstein, and Epstein because the media, entertainers, and other Democrats cared more about the Clintons?  Women and girls were disposable, so long as Democrats were doing the disposing.

Image: Engin Akyurt from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required.

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