DeSantis stunt to the Vineyard highlights the supreme doublethink of the left

It is both sad and humorous to watch self-righteous people from sanctuary cities whine when they are confronted with a small sample of what border cities and citizens deal with every dayfor decades — but even more so over the past 21 months, given the Biden/Harris disastrous free-for-all.

Mayors and governors in these "sanctuary" jurisdictions have always said how valuable immigrants are, yet they complain when their domains receive a fraction of the influx.  They say they aren't prepared to shoulder the burden, but then they also say the illegals pay for themselves.

They griped because they weren't given notice that a few dozen migrants would soon arrive.  Well, what about the poor border cities?  Are these East Coast elites so removed from reality as to believe that those areas were given a head count of how many illegal aliens would be entering our country because of Biden's disastrous open border policies?

I haven't heard a single left-wing outlet or political figure say a word about Biden's inhumane policies, and how many people are dying, being raped, or being trafficked by the cartels.  Somehow — miraculously — the media and other Democrats have never described Biden's disastrous border policy as being "inhumane."

When Biden flew illegals around the country and dropped them off, there was no notice.  The media, Hollywood, and other Democrats didn't say a word about that being inhumane or unfair.  Newsom didn't accuse the Biden administration of kidnapping.  Lori Lightfoot didn't call anyone in the Biden administration racist.

But when Republican governors send 50 people to a rich sanctuary city like Martha's Vineyard, there is feigned outrage.  These extravagantly wealthy self-styled humanitarians can't handle 50 illegals, but struggling border towns are supposed to handle thousands every day?

While children and others are trafficked, raped, and worse, the Biden administration continually declares that the border is secure, and the lies are met with near silence.

The media, Hollywood, and other Democrats continuously complained, pretended to care, and reported about the border when Trump was in office, but as soon as Biden opened up the border and made the cartels grossly rich, they developed laryngitis.  They rarely said a word, no matter how many people died and how many border towns were devastated.  They didn't care about crime.

As a helpful hint, here are some things that the media and other Democrats support that are 100% more inhumane than sponsoring the airfare for a few illegals to one of the ritziest vacation locales in the country:

  1. Aborting fully developed babies up through nine months. 
  2. Withholding health care from babies who are born alive during botched abortions.
  3. Democrat governors like Cuomo forcing nursing homes to take in sick patients.  (As Cuomo was doing this, the media, Fauci, and others were mostly cheering how great he was.)
  4. Keeping kids locked out of school at the behest of political supporters and making them wear masks despite no scientific evidence that masks work.
  5. Keeping children, especially minorities, from going to school in Washington, D.C. if they don't get a vaccine that doesn't prevent the virus.
  6. Firing people who didn't get the vaccine — I thought Democrats cared about privacy and that people, especially women, had the right to do whatever they wanted with their bodies!
  7. Letting career criminals roam the streets by supporting soft-on-crime D.A.s and no bail laws.
  8. Essentially cheering as cities were destroyed and people, including cops, were killed and injured by violent leftist groups in 2020.  Many in the media applauded this violence and even described it as "mostly peaceful."  Democrats, including Kamala Harris, supported releasing the violent criminals from jail to further destroy the cities.
  9. Forcing girls to share locker rooms and compete with males.  I thought they cared about girls' privacy and rights!
  10. Destroying the fossil fuel industry and devastating the poor, the middle class, and small businesses with high prices despite having zero scientific evidence that crude oil or coal causes temperatures to rise and climate change.
  11. The entire Biden family abandoning a child Hunter fathered.  They have never even visited the child, and now Hunter is asking to reduce his child support payments.  Most of the media don't care about the child or all the kickbacks the Bidens pocketed from foreign countries.  They care about this child as much as they cared about all the women Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused and sought to destroy.

So I hope DeSantis, Abbott, and other politicians at the border continue to ship illegals to self-righteous sanctuary cities.  Maybe someday the media and other Democrats will actually care and start following the laws Congress passed, instead of repeating talking points as they troll for votes.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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