Democrats espouse diversity but practice racism

Democrats talk about diversity, but their obsession with Critical Race Theory, which is premised on anti-White racism, gives the game away.  What's really happening thanks to their policies is that America's Blacks are falling ever farther behind.

Just look at America's inner cities, which are almost entirely Black and Democrat-controlled.  It seems as if depraved indifference is the only thing explaining why 52 Democrat-run cities are more deadly than Ukraine at the height of its war.

Ukraine's civilian death rate was 13.12 per 100,000 people, according to the U.N.  Meanwhile, here are the statistics for the three most deadly cities in America: St. Louis, Missouri has a rate of 87 murders per 100,000 residents; Baltimore, Maryland has a rate of 58.27 murders per 100,000; and New Orleans has a murder rate of 74.12 per 100,000.

St. Louis's murder rate means that, for every person killed in Ukraine, 6.7 are murdered in St. Louis.  Given that Missouri's average death rate is 12.094 deaths per one hundred thousand for slightly more than 6 million people, living in St. Louis is 719% more deadly than living in the rest of the state.  Another way to understand this is that, for every death in the state at large, seven are murdered inside St. Louis's ghetto.

Image: New Orleans.  YouTube screen grab.

Meanwhile, in the midst of this carnage, the city's politicians voted to defund the police. If you check the city's website, you'll see that it's got a government office for everything, seemingly, except stopping murder.

The same statistical analysis for Maryland as a whole, compared to Baltimore, shows that Maryland has 8.821 deaths per thousand in a population of slightly over 6 million.  This means that the chances of death in Baltimore are 579% greater than the mortality rate in the state overall.

Finally, Louisiana has a death rate of 11.702 deaths per thousand in a state with more than 11 million people.  That means that New Orleans residents have a death rate 633% greater than Louisiana itself.

In other words, while Democrats play around with defunding the police and opening the borders to drugs, crime, trafficking, and disease, all while spouting that Whites are privileged as a race, Blacks are dying horrible deaths in the cities Democrats control.  No one should have to live like that.  The Black urban experience should be the civil rights issue of our day.  Their suffering for Democrat political advantage is a new form of slavery.

It's also a core part of the original progressive movement.  Woodrow Wilson segregated the federal government.  Under Franklin Roosevelt, the government razed mixed ethnic housing in favor of Black-only housing, effectively creating the ghettos that still blight so many Black lives in America.  Then Johnson's Great Society, by aggressively pushing welfare on Black communities, effectively doing away with fathers and destroying the work ethic, put the seal on the destruction of urban Blacks.

In one Democrat-run city after another, we see race-based oppression, neglect, abuse, and indifference.  What makes it so bad is that it's all dressed up in the language of love and caring.  "You have to have broken schools because it would be racist for us to discipline bad students to create a learning space for good ones."  "You have to have a high murder rate because the police have been mean to you."  This is wife-beater stuff: "I show her my love by beating her up."

Laura Ingraham errs when she says there is no systemic racism.  It exists in every one of those sad cities in which Democrat politics creates the circumstances in which Blacks suffer and die.

Democrats should be deeply ashamed of what they've done.  This level of deliberate action and neglect has become a form of racial genocide.  Democrats have abrogated the government's legal and moral responsibilities.

None of this can end well.  Every Democrat who smugly talks about White privilege, systemic racism, and all the other rotten ideas lumped under Critical Race Theory should be breaking down mentally from cognitive dissonance — or that would be the case if they were the rational and caring human beings they claim to be.  If Democrats don't collapse under the weight of their wrongs to the Black community, there is no hope for our nation.

As the Declaration of Independence states and the Constitution promises, freedom is man's inherent right.  But Blacks are pawns, in perpetual service to Democrat political needs as they transition the nation to their idea of democracy, bloody and murderous democracy.  It's time to free the Black community from the Democrat party.  Only in that way can we finally and fully end slavery in America.

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