Democrats embrace LGBT policy recommended by a convicted 'trans' pedophile

Do you remember recent headlines that reported on Biden's plan to withhold federally funded school lunches from institutions that refused to bow to the Democrats' radical "transgender" ideology?  Speaking to the policy change, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton said in a press release:

The Biden Administration is attempting to force every state and local entity to adopt its sexual orientation and gender identity agenda — or suffer massive financial consequences[.]

Well, this may come as a shock (although it shouldn't), but back in 2019, the LBGTQ Policy Journal — a Harvard Kennedy school student publication — printed an article with this very suggestion.

The author of the article wasn't just some Joe Blow beta leftist at Harvard.  Rather, it was a convicted (and incarcerated) child rapist and murderer — who also presents himself as a woman.

Patrick Trimble, who goes by the name "Patricia," is serving a life sentence for sexually torturing and murdering a cellmate while he was initially imprisoned for raping two nine-year-old girls.  A few years back, Vice exposed its propensity to defend child predators when it ran a piece that was highly affectionate toward Trimble, presenting him as a victim of an anti-LGBT culture, referring to the hardened convict as "her."  The publication also completely omitted the fact he had been convicted of child rape.

Prestigious academic institutions are vying for Trimble's "expertise" on LGBT policy.  First it was Harvard, and then it was a private university in Missouri — but now, leftists in Biden's Food and Nutrition Services are actually putting the pedophile's policy into action.

In Trimble's paper published in the Harvard rag, he asserted that "policy changes must be made within the education system at the K–12 level" — one of those recommendations was to "force educational institutions to apply nondiscrimination policies ... or risk losing federal grant funding."

"Nondiscrimination policies" like allowing "transgender" boys unfettered license to sexually assault their female counterparts in school bathrooms?  Remember Loudoun County?

Two months ago, Trimble also wrote an article for the Prison Journalism Project.  He credits himself as a "transgender woman, feminist, activist and advocate for the incarcerated LGBTQ+ community."

Oh, and he also calls himself "mama" to "trans boys and girls" across the state of Missouri, where he is incarcerated.

Not once did Trimble mention the reason he was imprisoned or express remorse for his utter depravity and cold-blooded actions.  Instead, he played the victim and pretended he was a credible source for government policy.  (Well, in his defense, I suppose he is when Democrats are in charge.)

It was honestly quite disgusting to read.  From his essay:

After the lecture, I felt exhausted. Reliving much of my past took more out of me than I had expected. But without a face to the story, it is just another story. And the point of the lecture was too important to be just another story. Drug addiction, suicidal thoughts and actions, the experience of gang rape, promiscuity, a lifetime of self-hatred and anger being thrown at so many undeserving victims [emphasis added] should never be just another story.


My lecture to the university students hit on that very topic. Some of them could be the very ones who adopt policy and directives within the juvenile justice system.

Oftentimes, I feel I am not the one for this work. I have been incarcerated for over four decades, my highest educational level is a GED with three semesters of college theology. No degree, no official recognition academically and decades of being told I am nothing but a number. Yet I find I do have something of value to contribute. So I write, I teach and I give back. I work to help repair those broken souls [emphasis added] entering our system so they can return one day and pay it forward.

Undeserving victims and broken souls? That's what he thinks of himself?

It's completely predictable.  For the Democrats and the cultural left, morality is always inverted.  Raped little girls aren't the victim; rather, the grown assailant is.  Capital punishment for hardened criminals is "inhumane," but poisoning and dismembering innocent babies is "freedom."  They're sadistic, and it's no wonder that Biden and his administration are aligned on policy with a convicted pedophile.

I'll go out on a limb here and assume that Trimble is probably a huge fan of the term MAP, too...

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