DC aristocracy dines and parties like the French Court to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act

The only thing missing from this White House garden party was the derisive expression, "Let them eat cake!"  Among other things, our public servants dined on the finest hors d'oeuvres and enjoyed a top-dollar rock-star performance from James Taylor — all paid for by us, of course.

After the entertainment, there was a brief intermission filled with patriotic-esque band music, before Chuck Schumer took the stage, where he started his address with this:

We're here to talk about things that matter to families. Lowering costs, creating jobs, and helping them make ends meet. What are the MAGA Republicans doing over in the Capitol today? Introducing national bans on abortion. Just unbelievable.

First of all, the idea that anyone would consider Lindsey Graham a "MAGA Republican," or that his proposed legislation is considered a "ban," is laughable — being able to legally murder pre-born babies up through a point in the second trimester is nowhere near abolition.  Secondly, without children, there cannot be the "families" of which Schumer spoke — feigning care for the family unit while also advocating for the slaughter of its youngest members exhibits serious psychopathy.

Then, since apparently the agenda of the fringe left doesn't sell that well (especially under widespread economic poverty), Schumer appropriated a President Trump slogan, declaring that "the promises Democrats made are now promises Democrats have kept!"

After Schumer came Nancy Pelosi, who had treated the audience to a repeat display of her impeachment press conference, which famously caused President Trump to quip, "Nancy's teeth were falling out of her mouth" — how many times can one person go on camera while completely unable to control the movements of her mouth and lips?

Both Schumer and Pelosi propagated the obvious tales of misinformation; Pelosi even claimed that increased spending and totalitarianism in the private sector would drive down costs for "kitchen table items."  When has this ever been true when nations face hyperinflation and an unconstrained government?

However, at one point, Schumer had a slip and declared that the spending bill was in fact not aimed at prosperity for the average American citizen, but rather was "the boldest clean energy package in American history."

Then the speaker lineup took a turn, and the rhetoric became transparently communistic.  When it came time for Kamala Harris, she openly made a reference to Alinskyism — Harris praised the "community organizers" who made it all possible.

Eventually, Joe Biden took the stage and, in typical fashion, ambled around and fumbled for divisive words — at one point, he degraded the Senate Republicans, asserting that their refusal to get on board with the Green New Deal disguised as the Inflation Reduction Act amounted to them being poor sports, saying "the other team didn't want to play."

Hilariously, even an anchor at CNN noted the paradox:

Oftentimes when situations of exhaustive elitism arise, I'm reminded of the most ironic reality of all: among all the elitist factions present in the modern world — the English monarchy, Hollywood, the unelected shadow governments of the World Economic Forum and other globalist bureaucracies — American politicians are arguably the lowest of the low.  They possess no legitimate claims to the aristocracy in which they believe themselves to be included, as their vast wealth is entirely swindled.  No wonder they're rightly regarded as leeches in the swamp.

At least with the monarchy, benevolence was present at some point; Hollywood may be grossly overpaid, but they are in fact working for their living; and although still evil, many of the WEF members are successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

No matter how badly these people desire to be considered highbrow, and in with the "It" crowd, they're not real elites.  Career politicians in Congress lack all impressiveness — they're nothing more than well dressed welfare recipients.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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