Data show that parents don’t trust public health authorities on Covid vaccinations for children

Trust in our CDC, FDA and public health bureaucracy in general is gone.  People know they are totally politicized or otherwise conflicted and have ignored the full court press to have their children vaccinated against Covid. Alex Berenson reports on Substack:

Even Elmo couldn’t save the mRNAs.

The verdict is so obvious even the Washington Post noticed: despite a massive media and public relations campaign, American parents have overwhelmingly rejected Covid shots for their youngest children.

Three months after federal regulators okayed mRNA vaccines for kids under 5, more than 98 percent of them have not been fully vaccinated.

Put another way, out of any group of 50 children under 5, not even ONE is likely to have been fully vaccinated for Covid. And parents who started the process of vaccinating their children are having second thoughts. About 7 in 10 of of the 1.2 million children under 5 who received a first shot have notcompleted their vaccinations.

The rejection stretches across red and blue states. Even in Rhode Island and Hawaii, where over 90 percent of adults have received Covid shots, 97 percent of children are not vaccinated. 

This is a well-deserved vote of no confidence, but it is also a situation with grave risks, considering that other challenges, not least of which are biological terror and warfare, lie ahead. The public health bureaucracy, starting with Dr. Fauci, has squandered the trust that the public put in it. Skepticism toward any recommendations they may make, and disobedience for any compulsion that may wish to require, is now baked into the future public responses to a health emergency.

The GOP has made no moves to hold to account in the midterms the various governmental authorities that overreacted to Covid, closing schools thereby damaging a generation of children, and forcing vaccines on employees at the price of losing their jobs if they do not comply. I can only speculate that this is because so many Republican politicians, including Donald Trump, were bamboozled into complying with the recommendations of the Faucis and Birxes of the public health establishment. But this means that there will be no political accountability for the worst public health debacle in our history.

Hat tip: Michael Nadler

Image credit: Donkey Hotey CC BY-2.0 license

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