Creepy Joe strikes again

He's not even trying anymore.

Instead of putting on his best face as Mr. Devout Catholic, Creepy Joe Biden seems to be positively advertising his pervy attraction to children, throwing them in everyone's face, based on a speech he gave before a teachers' union group, which laughed merrily at old Joe's brand of "humor."

According to Fox News:

During a speech to the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers’ union, and other Democrats on Friday, Biden momentarily interrupted his remarks on climate change to address a woman in the crowd he apparently knew long ago.

Biden said, "And everybody found out, there’s not a lot of total climate deniers anymore after they’ve seen what happened this year. But guess what, we got a lot to do." He then pointed into the crowd, and in a low voice said, "You gotta say hi to me."

The crowd laughed and Biden said, "We go back a long way. She was 12 and I was 30, but anyway. This woman helped me get an awful lot done. Anyway."

The crowd laughed again, though not everyone who heard Biden’s off-the-cuff remark found it so endearing. 

Conservatives on Twitter found it disturbing. 



Eeew.  Not just the claim about the woman being "12 and I was 30," but the creepy call on her to say 'hi' to him. Blech, blech, blech.

And there was merriment all around from the vaunted teachers union denizens, a group that is supposedly more attuned than most to the protection of children.

Do I think Biden really did have some kind of pervy pedophile relationship with this once-12-year-old girl? It would depend on who the person was, but most likely, it was probably someone who couldn't have been 12 when he was 30. So, probably not.

More likely, he was "being corny" in that anachronistic way of 1950s comedians, and using hyperbole.

But there also could be a couple of other things going on here:

One, he was likely trying to get a rise out of conservatives, so as to be able to lay back and laugh at their useless outrage. He was using a laser pointer, so to speak, to distract from his authentic failures as president.

Two, he was trying to obfuscate. There are plenty of cases of where Joe Biden's relationships with children has been significantly questionable. His relationship with his own daughter, for one, Ashley Biden, who complained in her purloined diary about being forced to shower with Joe, is Exhibit A. There have also been visible hair-sniffing and body-feeling incidents on visibly uncomfortable small girls from Joe out on the campaign trail and at political events, which suggests a very pervy attitude of mind, and not one which respects the bodies of children. Joe has officially apologized for his violations of "boundaries" but he hasn't stopped doing what he's been doing as there are continuous incidents in the news. There are also creepy, inchoate accounts from him about kids and his leg hair in a swimming pool, as well as reports of his swimming naked as uncomfortable Secret Service guards were forced to watch. Besides this, there's the curious hypersexualized behavior of two of his kids -- Hunter and Ashley, which in Hunter's case, based on his abandoned laptop contents, may include activity with underage girls, something he might have picked up as 'normal' growing up in the Biden home. 

These are all real instances of Joe's creepy proclivities.

Biden's wild exaggerations on the age of the old acquaintance he claimed to have worked with seems to be a bid to exaggerate his image and thus send his critics down a rabbit hole of inquiry, the better that they take their eyes off the genuinely concerning aspects of his behavior around kids.

The worst of it was, the teachers' union denizens, under whose thumb Joe operates like a puppet, thought the whole thing was so funny. They laughed and laughed, like it was some kind of inside joke.

For those of us outside the joke, it was just plain disgusting.

Image:  Twitter screen shot


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