Cowardly congressional Republicans are focusing on the wrong issues

Just yesterday, Sen. Marco Rubio submitted a bill to prohibit protesters from blocking interstate highways.

While in itself, this bill is needed at some point, other things are needed much earlier.  Like now.

This is the second time in as many days that a denizen of Congress (Sen. Lindsey Graham) came up with a bill that is far less pressing compared with the other far more dangerous issues we face.

He wants a ban on late-term abortions

Banning late-term abortions is not on the radar of most Americans in this very dangerous time of malignant inflation and cultural collapse.

Abortion is bad.  Ignoring existential threats to American sovereignty and survival is worse.  I want America to survive so that issues like abortion can be addressed at some point.  This is not the point. 

Congressional Republicans in both the House and Senate seem distracted at best, which may be one reason why Americans are so bothered and angry at Congress, which has a pitifully low approval rate

Abortion doesn't even show up in the top ten concerns of American voters.  The GOP is focusing on the wrong issues.  Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Republicans' priorities are pathetically, cognitively, and dangerously skewed. 

Breitbart reports:

Our new @trafalgar_group/@COSProject poll (2/2–6) highlights American priorities for #2022 midterms…

Border security (67.3%)
China is threat (69.7%)
Oil production (62.8%)
Police fully funded (80.1%)
Biden inflation fix hurts (54.2%)

That was back in February. It has gotten much, much worse since then.

What can possibly be going through the minds of Republican congressmen and senators that they are so out of touch with the concerns and fulminating anger of ordinary Americans?  We are not thinking about blocking highways.  We are not thinking about abortion.  We are thinking of the survival of the American individual, the survival of the family, the survival of the America experiment.

We have more important things to worry about, Senators Rubio and Graham.

I wish the GOP congressmen would stop focusing on peripheral issues and focus on what matters to most American conservatives: 

  • We have an economic crisis for individuals and for families.
  • We have a financial crisis in the markets. 
  • We have schools being used as socialist training centers.
  • We have China circling the U.S. like a hungry buzzard.
  • We have rampant crime in Democrat-run cities.
  • We have a border that lets in every miscreant and every toxic drug imaginable.
  • We have Republicans being arrested for being Republicans. 
  • We have a former POTUS being raided by the FBI because he's a conservative.
  • We have Mike Lindell and quite a few others being persecuted by our government for being conservatives.
  • We have influential groups successfully promoting anti-white racism in schools and businesses.
  • We have censorship of conservative messages on social media.
  • We are on the verge of a disastrous policy that would make all currency digital.
  • We are watching the death of truth in media and the rise of idiocy in entertainment.
  • We have little children being sexualized in kindergarten.
  • We have a vice president who cannot string a cogent sentence together to make a rational thought.
  • We have a tenuous voting system.
  • We have a POTUS who is feeble and incoherent.
  • We have Davos deciding who is allowed to flourish and who is not.
  • We have climate alarmists who still believe that the Earth is actually threatened by the climate.
  • We have a media establishment that is unable to tell the truth.
  • We have people who physically threaten SCOTUS justices without hindrance while criminals who kill people are not even charged with crimes.
  • We have climate zealots who want to eliminate gasoline-powered cars in favor of cars no one wants or can afford and, in some cases, do not exist.

And Rubio is still talking about protests?  Graham is still talking about abortion bans?  It is no wonder I have to keep talking disenchanted Republicans into voting in November.  They keep saying, "What's the point?" 

Actions like Rubio's and Graham's cause this kind of disheartening futility.

I challenge congressional Republicans to tackle some hard issues, to get their hands dirty, to actually take some flak.  At least maybe by that we will know they are over the target.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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