Corporate America incentivizes baby murder to minimize expenses

A few days back, a parody TikTok video went viral across social media.  The scene that played out was a dialogue between a 1950s housewife and a modern feminist.  It started out with the feminist telling the housewife how amazing 2022 was, because women "can do anything a man can do" — and by the end, the housewife was horrified at the obvious degradation of women within the social hierarchy.  (You can watch the video here.)

The housewife asks, "So I get to work outside the home?"  To this, the feminist replies, "Totally.  You get to sit in a cubicle, all day, while you stare at a computer screen chugging coffee.  So liberating, right?"  The banter continues, and while discussing promiscuous sexual behaviors and birth control options, this exchange happens:

Housewife: What about pregnancy?

Feminist: Oh! There's this magical pill you take — totally wrecks your hormones, but keeps you from getting pregnant so you can, you know, knock some boots.

H: The pill is magic?

F:'s mostly effective, but don't worry, if by chance you do get pregnant, you can totally just kill the baby by having an abortion.

H: Why would I do that?

F: So you can get back to work, duh! Someone has to fill that cubicle space [emphasis added].

This summer, after 49 years of federally sanctioned human sacrifice, we finally saw an end to Roe v. Wade.  By now, many states have enacted (or reverted to) legislation to safeguard innocent life — but corporate America has stepped up to subvert the gains.

According to an article posted to the website of a prominent anti-abortion organization:

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many companies in the U.S. have rushed to signal their support for abortion, creating new benefits that include using company funds to pay for travel to states where employees can have abortions.

Some of these massive businesses include Amazon, Chobani, CVS Health, Disney, Estee Lauder, Netflix, Starbucks, and Target.

Now, aside from the reality that corporations overwhelmingly support abortion for the sake of virtue-signaling, the pro-death position is largely due to prioritizing profits and curtailing spending.  After all, that's what makes a successful business.

The best thing for Big Business is present employees without dependents — so of course that would be reflected in company policy.  If female employees carry their children to term instead of paying for their execution, corporate employers would then be paying for maternity leave, and health care for the new child(ren).  Abortion — even if that includes out-of-state expenses — is a cost-effective alternative to childbirth.

But, in another move to craft an economical business model, the Wall Street Journal reported that many of the large companies listed above are now "shrinking the number of paid weeks of maternity and paternity leave they will offer."  It's all about the money.

American society as a whole has rejected Judeo-Christian ethics, which include the nuclear family structure.  With the repudiation of these traditional values, our culture has undergone a widespread transformation — the feminist revolution mocked in the above-mentioned viral video.  Over the years, Big Business has willingly collaborated with other self-interested parties to promote modern feminism — not to "liberate" women, but rather to enslave them for the sake of the almighty dollar.

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