California governor buys up out-of-state billboards to encourage baby murder

I mean, at this point, the verdict is pretty much decided: Gavin Newsom derives pleasure from inflicting pain upon others.  We recently saw him in a television advertisement wearing a sweater indoors, while telling California citizens to boil alive during the historic heat wave, because why?  Well, the "climate crisis" of course!

However, his latest stunt shows he doesn't just dabble in political sadism; rather, he is rapacious for this political proclivity.

Across seven other states — all governed by conservative leadership, which promptly limited state-sponsored murder after the reversal of Roe v. Wade — Newsom launched an advertising campaign to promote abortion, sharing the good news that California taxpayers will foot the bill to shoulder the burdensome financial costs for women now required to travel out of state to procure a hired hit man (or, to be put more professionally, an abortionist).  The polemical displays shared evocative images, with an accompanying taxpayer-funded website on where to find a paid California killer.

For the left, retaliation is the name of the game, even if that means a little bit of collateral damage (or actually, a lot of collateral damage).  Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned, and wait until you get a load of these displays:

According to a news outlet operating out of San Francisco, Newsom was interviewed regarding the campaign, and said:

We want women to know that we have their backs. We care, they matter, and we're not going to turn our backs on them because they're from another state. ...

I'm doing this because I'm privileged to be able to do it[.]

First off, enough with the concerned humanitarian act.  In light of Governor DeSantis's prank at the Vineyard, Newsom retorted the stunt wasn't "clever," but simply "cruel" before continuing with this:

I'm formally requesting the DOJ begin an immediate investigation into these inhumane efforts to use kids as political pawns.

Inhumane efforts to use kids as political pawns?  How else would one describe his pathetic effort to promote his candidacy, by using state funds to sponsor a website, all to direct women on where they can go to kill their preborn children?

(Frankly, the political stunts should be left to DeSantis because he's clearly much better at it, and much funnier than greasy Gavin.)

Secondly, Newsom recognized he possesses something uniquely described as privilege.  Could that possibly be construed as a blessing or perhaps even an advantage?  In continuing that thought, would Newsom consider the gift of life a "privilege" (or blessing, or advantage, call it whatever you like), and if so, I'm curious: Mr. Newsom, if your bleeding heart really runs that deep, then shouldn't all human beings be afforded the "privilege" of life?

Yet this latest example of absurdity is simply par for the course when dealing with Democrats, and just builds up a smoking-gun case we already have that Newsom is an absolute sadism-obsessed monster.

Correction: An earlier version of this read the billboards were placed in six states rather than seven.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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