Biden's 'new normal' is an inflation-wracked, crime-infested police state — with a nuclear threat

Another day in Biden's America: crime and inflation surging, illegal aliens flooding our country or dying as they try, trust in elections gone, and half the country denounced by the Big Guy as a "dangerous threat to our democracy."

America has its first-ever political prisoners, based on an unruly, unarmed protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6, and free speech is under attack everywhere from college campuses to our country's largest social media companies.

War is threatening to engulf us and possibly the rest of the globe.

Who cares?  Certainly not Biden or the Democrats.

It's just another day in woke America: Air Force cadets are told not to use "offensive" terms like "mom" and "dad," people are canceled if they object to men in women's bathrooms, and elitists tell us we can't define "women," because men can have babies, too.

A Catholic president and speaker of the House shove abortion down our throats (whatever happened to the Democrats' "safe, legal and rare"?), even as pro-abortion types finally admit there are real babies in there, not just clumps of tissue.  Children are heartlessly mutilated because their parents think they should be a different gender.  Young people are dying in droves from fentanyl because of an open border, and the administration is doing nothing that we can see.

Police have been defunded, and violent criminals have been released.  Children are taught that America is hopelessly racist, and obviously guilty Democrat politicians go free while any people connected to Trump risk arrest in the middle of the night or being publicly detained so that the FBI can seize their cell phones.

In Biden's America, our children hear every day that they may never get to enjoy adulthood if we don't toe the line on switching to electric vehicles, giving up fossil fuels, birthing fewer babies, and consuming less or no meat at all, not to protect cows, but to keep too many of them from burping.

Worst of all: Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons over Ukraine, and nobody in government or the media seems even the slightest bit concerned.

According to the administration, it's just a bluff.  Don't worry.

But I, for one, worry a lot any time the word "nuke" is used.  The last few Gen Xers I talked to didn't even know that Russian missiles could reach the United States.

If this is Biden's America, I want my old America back.

That's the one I grew up in, where children could play safely outdoors, where people generally respected the justice system, and almost everyone thought America was a place worth fighting and even dying for.

Of all this leftist nonsense, double-speak, and unreality daily destroying our sanity, our country, and our culture, the thing that worries me the most is this: why isn't this administration trying to bring an end to the killing and destruction in Ukraine, which could so easily spread?  Why isn't the leader of the free world, President Joe Biden, even a voice for peace?

Russia is now starting to mobilize its economy and its people for a long war.  The same sort of thing happened in Russia and Europe more than a hundred years ago, making World War I inevitable.

All we hear from this Democrat administration is that Russia doesn't have the will, the money, or the necessary modern arms to sustain this war — weapons like we are supplying to Ukraine to keep it fighting.

Didn't Democrats oppose the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan?  Aren't they the so-called party of peace, made up mostly of '60s college leftists who once burned their draft cards and shouted, "Better red than dead"?

No longer young now, I guess.  They're just woke in Biden's America.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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