Biden has a novel idea — schools should be a place where kids learn to ‘read and write’

Turns out it’s not just the Chinese who love the theft of intellectual property, but the Democrats too. In a complete flip of the script, Biden hijacked a talking point from the “MAGA extremists” he so frequently disparages, and said it’s time that “kids learn to read and write in schools.”

Isn’t that what we’ve been saying for years?

But alas, the concern was merely superficial — he (or whatever staffer wrote it) only said it to push an agenda to disarm the citizenry.

Surprise, surprise. Biden and his ilk don’t actually care about education, it’s just more grandstanding.

The Democrats and the left are relentless in their assaults on traditional education, and have worked tirelessly to transform schools into places of radical political agendas and indoctrination. They push CRT and LGBTQ+ curriculum, citing “racism” and “bigotry” when parents expectedly rebuke the aggressive and politicized dogma. 

Yet, what I find most profound about the statement is this…. If these leftists truly believed that rewritten history and homosexual propaganda were legitimate aspects of primary education, the statement would have read like this, “It’s time we ban assault weapons so our kids learn Nikole Hannah-Jones and Alfred Kinsey instead of learning to duck and cover.”

However, the tweet doesn’t say that — rather it touches on the true purpose of elementary education, which is to teach basic academic skills like reading and writing.

What that shows me is even those on the left don’t believe the garbage they spew has any place in schools, yet they push it anyway. Why?

Because, unquestionably, they’re Marxist diehards, pushing for a total and unforgiving cultural revolution. They’re working off of the “infamous proposal” found in The Communist Manifesto, which is, abolition of the family.

In The German Ideology (notes which preceded the Manifesto), Marx and Engels wrote:

We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.

The slow shift towards a society we don’t recognize is at the root, an insidious movement towards global communism. Progressive revolution is the goal, and undermining a culture and its values remains the most effective way to implement such a transformative change — or as Marx and Engels put it, eradicate “the present state of things.” It's time for conservatives to engage in the culture war if we truly desire to beat back the assaults on morality and reason.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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