As mainstream comedy fails, the Babylon Bee reminds us of humor's power

Lately, lots of people have been sending me videos from the Babylon Bee, which is, to date, America's most honest and accurate newspaper.  As does every conservative who wishes to remain sane, I regularly check out the Bee's headlines.  However, I've been less good about their videos.  It turns out, though, that the Bee has some good comic minds writing those videos.  They are infinitely better than anything the two Jimmys (Kimmel and Fallon) produce or that comes from any of the other late-night TV hosts, who aren't fit to polish Johnny Carson's tombstone.  To lighten our load a bit, I thought I'd share some videos with you.

First, though, I must give you a glimpse of what's happened to the long-ago concept of lighthearted political comedy on the left.  Aside from being viciously political, these comedians just aren't funny — probably because they're victims of the very leftism they've fomented over the years.  Most recently, we learned that "Jimmy Kimmel has been accused of utilizing white privilege after refusing to leave the stage during Quinta Brunson's victory speech at the 2022 Emmys."

Image: Laughter by rawpixel.

Kimmel's sin was just lying on the stage like a dead person.  When I was a young'un, it would have been thought very amusing if a TV comedian had continued to clown on the stage during a show as boring as the Emmys.  Indeed, it would have been disappointing if the comedian hadn't at least made the effort, even an effort as pathetic as Kimmel's.

Those days are long gone.  Kimmel's dead comedian joke during a point in an award show honoring comedy turned out to be a perfect metaphor for how the left has killed comedy:

Can't you hear each of the women in that picture saying, "That's not funny!"?  And frankly, it isn't.

If you want funny, you need to go to the Bee.  There, you'll get these great headlines:

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre Blindsided by Journalist Asking a Question

Mike Lindell Still Holding Out Against FBI Inside MyPillow Fort

And my personal favorite:

King Charles Replaces Harry & Meghan With Two Corgis In Line of Succession

I long thought of the Bee as a purely written site, but it turns out to have wonderful videos as well.  Several people, knowing my California origins, sent me this one about Californians adjusting to living in Texas:

There's also the spelling bee, another instant classic (and the Bee's most popular video):

This one, though, about beating carpool lane rules, is my personal favorite:

I always like to remember that, while the Americans took WWII very, very seriously, they understood that part of winning a war is demeaning (as opposed to just demonizing) the enemy.  Humor does that:

If WWII is anything to go by, the side with the best humor wins.  And with the Babylon Bee on our side in the culture war currently being waged in the United States, we can't lose.

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