Are you better off than you were two years ago?

Elections are won or lost not by the party's base, but rather by those independent voters in the middle.  As an informed electorate, they have taken the time to carefully review that issues and cast their vote based on their analysis of the issues and the pros and cons of each respective candidate.

As Ronald Reagan asked President Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential debate, "are you better off than you were four years ago?"  I would ask those independents a similar query: "are you better off than you were two years ago, when the Democrat party assumed control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of our national government?"  I suspect most of you would answer no.

When the Democrat party assumed office in January 2020, we were a nation that was essentially energy independent and a net exporter of energy.  We had one of the lowest unemployment rates in recent history to include many minorities groups, our borders were secure.  Inflation was negligible.  President Biden was ostensibly elected to office to "unify" the county and tone down the rhetoric.  In other words, many Americans looked to him to return the nation to "normal" and be the father figure to heal our differences.

If anything, allowing the Democrat party to assume control of our lives has caused the opposite.  Our borders are porous, causing a mass influx of fentanyl, which has killed thousands of our youths.  Violent crime in our inner cities is at an all-time high, inflation is rampant, and the country is hardly unified — and this happened in just a short two years, and yet the Democrat party is asking you as a voter to give it two more years to try to get it right!

So, when you cast your vote, I would urge you to ask yourself: are we better off than we were two years ago?  From my perspective, the answer is no, so please make an informed decision based on facts and logic.  After careful consideration and reflection, I believe you will not be voting for the party that has had two years to get it right.

Image: Dan Moyle.

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