Are Democrats looking to provoke riots by arresting President Trump?

To head off a likely loss of the House of Representatives and prepare for the next presidential election, Democrats create situations that raise anxiety in citizens, and this increases the chances their candidate will prevail because voters know that discord will then subside.  An example is Kathy Griffin's widely read statement: "If you don't want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November.  If you do want Civil War, vote Republican."  They make it very clear that your life will be peaceful only if you keep Democrats in power, and they think that this is persuasive enough to tip elections.

Ideally for them, MAGA hat–wearing multitudes will violently riot, so right now they seem to be planning events to seriously provoke these citizens.

Republicans tend to think political parties are like competing but similar sports teams, so all that's needed is to score a few more points, and we will win. 

But the parties are opposites, and unless Republicans have a supermajority, history shows that Democrats continuously advance their agenda.  The reality is that the two groups are night and day, or more accurately good and evil.

In the past, Democrats fought a war inside the U.S., killing hundreds of thousands of Republican-backed Union soldiers in a grim civil war in order to keep humans as slaves. 

Lately, legislation they filed shows they're for killing unborn babies right up until the moment before birth, or perhaps even after.  Most people would say owning slaves and killing babies are evil, so Democrats have shown what they were and are.

Crime and voting maps have a high correlation and usually show Ds in high-crime areas, and Rs in low-crime areas, which supports the idea that the political parties are fundamentally different and Republicans are mostly the good guys and gals. 

So political parties are humans grouping together to accomplish good or evil, and another opposite is that the bad never stops attacking good, which is mostly passive and responds only if severely provoked.

The unprecedented raid of President Trump's home was the first step toward criminal prosecution.  Democrats need an incendiary event to cause normally calm Republicans to riot, so they may arrest the former president and march him in leg irons in front of TV cameras.  It is not beyond the realm of imagination to believe that, while transporting him to prison, agents could say he grabbed the steering wheel and they had to shoot him dozens of times.  Or while in solitary confinement, the monitoring cameras become suddenly inoperative and the guards fall asleep, and he hangs himself.

If you think that's too far for Democrats, remember they are your opposite and don't think like you.  And they are clearly signaling their violent wishes, such as when Kathy Griffin posed for pictures while holding a replica of Donald Trump's bloody severed head.  Biden in public speeches reminded Republicans the government has fighter jets and nuclear weapons that could be used against them.  Biden's recent speech with red lighting and military personnel brought the words "I ran for president because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation," which prompted prominent Republicans to say it looked as if he was speaking from the gates of hell.  It seemed Satanic; the message was diabolical, and the red lighting made him look like the devil.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab.

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