Americans are fed up with Biden and a majority want him impeached

In terms of strong political feelings, Democrats and Republicans are pretty evenly divided in America. It’s the independents who shift political outcomes in America. That’s why it matters that a Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 50 percent of Independents would like to see Joe Biden impeached. When you add that to the Republicans and, believe it or not, the Democrats who want him out of office, there’s a majority dreaming of a Biden impeachment.

Rasmussen Reports is behind a paywall, but Townhall helpfully summarizes the conclusion:

According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, Republican and Independent voters overwhelmingly agree that Biden should be impeached, along with a third of Democrats.

Overall, 52 percent of likely U.S. voters say they would support the impeachment of Biden, with 38 percent saying they would strongly support it.

The poll margin includes 77 percent of Republicans, 50 percent of Independents and 32 percent of Democrats who would like to see the current president get booted from his position.

That’s the good news. Now for the bad news: America’s voters have taken the measure of the Republican party and believe that, even with an impeachment wind at their back, congressional Republicans probably won’t do a darn thing to call Biden to account:

47 percent believe it is likely the GOP will attempt to impeach the president, while 43 percent don’t see it happening in his first term. 

Since the likelihood of Biden having a second term is as close to zero as something can be without being impossible, if Republicans don’t impeach Biden in 2023 (assuming they have a majority in Congress), he’ll never be called to answer for his conduct.

Image: Joe Biden (edited). YouTube screen grab.

However, if Republicans do become the majority and they do have even a little burning ember in their collective bellies, there are a lot of grounds for impeaching Biden. A year ago, Reps Bob Gibbs (Ohio), Andy Biggs (Arizona), Brian Babin (Texas), and Randy Weber (Texas) filed articles of impeachment. They based the articles on Biden’s lawless conduct on our southern border and his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which involved abandoning American citizens and billions of dollars in weapons and equipment. Ted Cruz would add to the list Biden’s lawless vaccine mandates. Our own Ed Brodow also adds there’s the evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing decades of unlawful influence peddling, the destruction of America’s energy sector, Biden’s illegal racial discrimination, and his using the DOJ and FBI to attack his political opponents.

In other words, if Republicans can summon even a modicum of courage, a majority (yes, a small one, but still a majority) of the American people will be behind them if they impeach Biden. It’s true, of course, that Kamala will be as bad as Biden himself. Still, it is important for the rule of law to call Joe Biden to account for his many damaging, illegal, unconstitutional, and even treasonous actions against America and her people.

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